Monday, July 24, 2006

PG sk8tr, Roughneck, at Thomas Circle

On the evening of 23 July 2006, during my ritual Sunday Photo Walk just north of Thomas Circle on 14th Street when I happened upon two young males and a female skating along the wall at the National City Christian Church I'd inqure if I may photograpah them. This particular skater was much more receptive than was the young black male so while I did get shots of both males since the young black seemed a bit put off by my presence I will not include images in this photoessay of him. And while I did not capture the female since, as a black male, I must be concerned about arosing unwanted and unnecessary suspicion I did mention to her that in the course of my ongoing skaters project I had only come across 3 or 4 female skaters since 1992. She would then reiterate that she is not a skater but just likes to 'hang out' with the boys. Just before dashing off this particular skater would inform me that he is from PG County. To the best of my recollection, he is the first PG County skater that I have captured. While I'm sure there are many, those that I've captured and spoken with, in the past, many who frequent Freedom Plaza claim Montgomery County MD or Nothern VA as their homes. Or NYC and other cities and states throughout the country and from around the world. But, never had any of them said that they were from PG County.

So, as a tribute to him, mainly because of the respect that he showed me I've created the ongoing project, sk8tr Roughneck, which will feature images that I may take of him. Roughneck because roughneck were the letters emblazed on the front of his teeshirt.

But then too, KROOK, appeared on the bottom of his skateboard. So maybe he's known as KROOK. Unitl I see or hear from he's, sk8tr Roughneck.


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