Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Dana Ellyn's "31 Days In July 2011" Project

The 2011 edition of Dana Ellyn's "31 Days in July" is complete! This is the 8th year of the project which totals 248 paintings - each one inspired by the news of the day. This July, the paintings were inspired by events such as the looming debt crisis, Ruppert Murdoch, the Fukushima nuclear tragedy, and the ongoing wars and occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan and the US drone attacks on Libya, Somalia and Pakistan.

For more information click the collage.

Visit the Dana Ellyn website for more information regarding her art and upcoming exhibitions.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Charles O. Perry "Caligraphic Moebius" Sculpture In Crystal City

It's been since my August 2007 visit to Crystal City that I've searched for information regarding the sculpture at the Courtyard at 2121 Crystal Drive (Park Two) in Arlington VA.

And it was only today that I learned that the 20 foot aluminum sculpture entitled "Calligraphic Möbius" (1986) is the work Charles O. Perry who also created "Helix Möbius Mace" in Crystal City as well as the "Continuum" at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum in SW Washington DC.

At 81, architect and sculptor Charles O. Perry died in February 2011.

Click the image to view my "Caligraphic Moebius" by Charles O. Perry photo album.