Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dorothy, Toto & the Mayor of Munchkinland Makes Special Appearance at Last Nights Screening of The Wizard of Oz at Stead Park

Though when I left the apartment it had been my intention to attend last night's Summer Movie Mania screening of the Wizard of Oz! at Stead Park as I strolled down 17th Street from Q Street and reflected on my experiences, over the years, when I have attended such things or, for that matter, stopped in at the gay bars ... I decided to head home.

However, on my way down 17th Street, I did have the pleasure of running into Dorothy, Toto and the Mayor of Munchkinland who, having just exited from JR's was en route to Stead Park. Here is the video clip.

Perhaps, I'll attend the last event of this season on 28 August 2008 when Goonies will be screened.

Steve waters the Steve & Phil's Flower & Weed Garden at Dupont Circle East - 31 July 2008

Though I had noticed it many times before, it was during a February 2006 Historic Dupont Circle Main Street photo walk that I learned that the little garden just west of the Sulgrave Club situated in the Dupont Circle East traffic triangle intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and P Street in NW Washington DC was referred to as Steve and Phil's Garden. Realizing that it was also the work and effort of Steve and Phil ... in connection with my ongoing Community Gardens series ... when passing through the area since then I have often made a point to photograph it.

As was the case on Thursday evening, 31 July 2008, that I'd video-taped Steve watering the flower and weed garden.

Though I have 'noticed' Steve many times at Dupont Circle, over the years, I did not know until Thursday evening, 31 July 2008, that he was the Steve of Steve and Phill who attended to the garden.

Now that I know that ... I'll pay even more attention to what I refer to as Steve & Phil's Flower & Weed Garden at DupontCircle East.

Click the above to view my 31 July 2008 video of Steve watering the garden.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Theo Eastwind advances to Round One in NYC Sound Tracks Competition at MSG / Channel 27

Troubadour Theo Eastwind who I captured at the 1350 Connecticut Avenue Complex / Dupont Circle South in January 2007 is amongst the 8 finalists in the NYC Sound Tracks Competition which is hosted by MSG - Channel 27.

"NYC Sound Tracks" is an eight-episode series that goes underground to find the most talented New York City subway musicians. Tapping into the literal ground level of the music industry, these subway musicians play their souls out trying to make a living and hoping for their big break. The winner, as chosen by the viewers via, will have the opportunity to play as an opening act on the stage of one of Madison Square Garden's prestigious venues.

Over the first three episodes of the series, MSG's cameras scoured the NYC subway system in an extensive search that offered viewers an inside look into the culture and lifestyle of the underground musician, resulting an open call audition where 16 performers were selected to compete in the "NYC Sound Tracks" competition which took place on Sunday night, 27 July 2008.

Here are episodes #1, #2 and #3. After competing in Sunday night's Open Call competition featuring 16 finalists, Theo Eastwind is amongst the 8 finalists that will advance to the 10 August 2008 Round 1 Episode.

Five Boroughs, 16 Musicians, One Superstar ... the search for NYC's best underground sound is on.

And troubadour Theo Eastwind is amongst the 8 finalists.