Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tasting at Artfully Chocolate / Del Ray - Wednesday, 30 January 2008 - 6:30 PM

Featuring special deals, exceptional champagne and exquisite new chocolates from the brilliant Christopher Blume of Christopher's Confections, a TASTING will be held at Artfully Chocolate / Del Ray on Wednesday evening, 30 January 2008.

Beginning at 6:30 pm, this event is free. However, space will be limited. To ensure that there will be enough tasty treats for everyone, please RSVP by email no later than Friday, 25 January to mkj116@hotmail.com.

Artfully Chocolate is located at 116 E. Del Ray Avenue in Alexandria, VA. Telephone at 703.635.7917.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Now Is The Time To Send Birthday Wishes to Dr. King

This is a very important month - the month we remember Dr. King's birthday.

To help the Foundation celebrate this important occasion by sign the online birthday card today.

When you sign the card your name is added to the list of thousands who are remembering this important man and the invaluable legacy he left.

Born in Atlanta and on his 79th birthday, Dr. King's life and message are as relevant now as they were 40 years ago when an assassin's bullet prematurely ended his life.

By signing the card your signature is the first way you can honor his life and legacy.

But there's another way for you to help right now.

Add your name to the Founding Roll of Honor by making a secure online contribution of $79 or more to the Washington, D.C. Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial Project.

The first Memorial to a person of color on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. you may remember, the Foundation must raise $100 million to formally break ground.

Having raised $87 million to date, just $13 million more must be raised before the Foundation can build the dream.

Now is the Time to:

Sign the special online birthday card to honor the legacy Dr. King has left, and make a special gift of $79 this month which is just $1 for each year since Dr. King was born to add your name to the Roll of Honor and help create a permanent place for Dr. King's legacy on the National Mall in Washington, DC.

Happy 114th Birthday To My Great Grandmother, Violet Biscoe

At the age of 105, my great grandmother, Violet Emma Dove Biscoe, passed in November 1998. Today, on 21 January 2008 I will celebrate her 114th birthday.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

David Comb's Most Famous Painting is Now 3-D!

When passing the Chelsea Hotel during my Labor Day Week 2007 visit to NYC I had the pleasure of capturing the artist David Combs as part of my ongoing Street Artists series.

In an email, he now informs me that his most famous painting, "Red Chelsea" is now available as a 22 x 30" 3-D lenticular!

The first collaboration between Combs and Depthography (R. Anthony Munn & Sara Cook) and after decades of research, development and seven hundred man hours ... because of the nature of 3-D ... the product must be seen in person to appreciate it.

Combs' 22 x 30" 3-D "Red Chelsea" may be viewed at Dan's Guitars in the Chelsea Hotel on 23rd near 7th Avenue in NYC. Or email David Combs at david@davidcombsart.com to set up an appointment.

Number 5/50 is not only a fantastic piece of work but a great investment. Be one of the first to get your hands on one of the most exciting pieces of artwork to come out of the Chelsea Hotel ever!

My Second 2008 FLANEURISM Video of the Week

"Trapped" Video Walk / WDC
... to the Corcoran Gallery of Art / Annie Leibovitz
Saturday Afternoon, 12 January 2008
Elvert Xavier Barnes Projections
background music featuirng:
"La Liberate" / Tangerine Dream
"Downtown" / Petula Clark
"Trapped" / 2 PAC
click image