Friday, April 06, 2007

2007 Mayor's Cherry Blossom poster contest winners on display

Each year, DC Public School students are invited to submit posters to the Cherry Blossom Poster Contest.

Winning posters featuring this year's theme, "Cherry Blossom: Saluting a World Class City, Communities and Friendship" were on display at the National Building Museum on Saturday, 31 March 2007, during the 2007 National Cherry Blossoms Festval Family Day Kick-off and Opening Ceremony.

Some will also be displayed at the Southwest Airlines’ Terminal - BWI Airport, for at least two weeks.

I arrived at the kick-off shortly before 12 noon and left about an hour later for the Smithsonian 41st Annual Kite Festival. And, therefore, did not photograph the official opening ceremony, during which time, between 4 and 5:30 pm, winnters of the 2007 Cherry Blossom Poster Contest were to have been announced.

However, I am inclined to believe that this particular poster (on the left) is amongst its top winners.

Here is a press release regarding the 2006 Cherry Blossom Poster Contest winners.

Click photo to view 2007 Mayor's Cherry Blossom Poster Contest (Winners) and 31 March 2007 NCBF Family Day Kick-off photosets which are also included in my 2007 National Cherry Blossoms Season WDC collection.

Actress & Activist Sherry Glaser "cries out for change"

COVER - Washington Blade
Crying out for change
Gay Actress Sherry Glaser brings her hit play — and her anti-war activism — to D.C.
KATHERINE VOLIN Friday, April 06, 2007

In Sherry Glaser’s long-running play, “Family Secrets,” she becomes her father, her mother, her sister and her grandmother. It’s the ultimate fear and hope of many a family-obsessed person, but it’s become Glaser’s bread and butter as a performance piece.

Click Blade Photo by Henry Linser to
read more.

I first met Sherry Glaser during the 8 March 2003 International Women's Day March on the White House and then on the following night saw her one woman show, "Family Secrets", at the Source Theater.

Glaser will perform "Family Secrets" in Theater J at the DC Jewish Center from 7 March through 15 April 2007. Located at 1529 16th Street, in NW, WDC, tickets range from $15 - $45.

Telephone at 202-518-9400.

Friday's Photo of the Week . 06 April 2007

Tidal Basin . East Basin Drive, SW, WDC
Monday, 02 April 2007

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Green And Blue Clothing comes to Dupont Circle South

Focusing on Dupont Circle South Windows during my 01 April 2007 Sunday Photo Walk I captured windows of a soon to open Green And Blue. Which I am not familiar with.

Returning to the Dupont Circle area on Tuesday evening I took a series of Men At Work - Green And Blue images - a further indication that the store should be opening soon.

When searching the internet, this afternoon, for "Green & Blue Clothing - Dupont Circle" I found an interesting picture taken by UK photographer Jez Coulson of model Kate Michael with an excerpt that reads Green and Blue clothing.... due to launch worldwide with a first US store in DC at Dupont Circle.

Green And Blue is located on the Connecticut Avenue side of the 1350 Connecticut Avenue Building at Dupont Circle South, and just doors down from Proper Topper, a store whose windows I have photographed many times, dating back to 1994. And, in years past, purchased hats from for my mother as Mothers Day gifts.

Fishmongers at Maine Avenue Fish Market

Though the term fishmonger is most often used in reference to someone who sells fish and seafood my fishmongers pictorial project brings focus on to anyone who works in the industry, primarily at but not limited to, fish markets and wharfs.

Launched during a 01 April 2007 Sunday Photo Walk, the Fishmongers at Maine Avenue Fish Market located at the Southwest Waterfront Marina(s) Complex in SW WDC represents my first exploration of fishmongers.

Porters & Bellhops at the Mayflower Hotel

In a similar way that I have always captured Men At Work or Cop Duty or Photographers In Action, in recent weeks, several new themes and onoging projects have been launched - the documentation of UPS Workers, Fed-Exers and US Postal Couriers. As well as Fishmongers at Maine Avenue Fish Market and Porters & Bellhops at the Mayflower.

I actually began my Mayflower Hotel project in September 2005. Since then seldom have I passed through that area of Connecticut Avenue, NW, and not take a series of photos in connection with my Mayflower Hotel project.

Porters & Bellhops at the Mayflower Hotel pictorial project is also part of Golden Triangle Collection.