Friday, April 06, 2007

Actress & Activist Sherry Glaser "cries out for change"

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Crying out for change
Gay Actress Sherry Glaser brings her hit play — and her anti-war activism — to D.C.
KATHERINE VOLIN Friday, April 06, 2007

In Sherry Glaser’s long-running play, “Family Secrets,” she becomes her father, her mother, her sister and her grandmother. It’s the ultimate fear and hope of many a family-obsessed person, but it’s become Glaser’s bread and butter as a performance piece.

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I first met Sherry Glaser during the 8 March 2003 International Women's Day March on the White House and then on the following night saw her one woman show, "Family Secrets", at the Source Theater.

Glaser will perform "Family Secrets" in Theater J at the DC Jewish Center from 7 March through 15 April 2007. Located at 1529 16th Street, in NW, WDC, tickets range from $15 - $45.

Telephone at 202-518-9400.

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