Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Green And Blue Clothing comes to Dupont Circle South

Focusing on Dupont Circle South Windows during my 01 April 2007 Sunday Photo Walk I captured windows of a soon to open Green And Blue. Which I am not familiar with.

Returning to the Dupont Circle area on Tuesday evening I took a series of Men At Work - Green And Blue images - a further indication that the store should be opening soon.

When searching the internet, this afternoon, for "Green & Blue Clothing - Dupont Circle" I found an interesting picture taken by UK photographer Jez Coulson of model Kate Michael with an excerpt that reads Green and Blue clothing.... due to launch worldwide with a first US store in DC at Dupont Circle.

Green And Blue is located on the Connecticut Avenue side of the 1350 Connecticut Avenue Building at Dupont Circle South, and just doors down from Proper Topper, a store whose windows I have photographed many times, dating back to 1994. And, in years past, purchased hats from for my mother as Mothers Day gifts.

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John C said...

Green & Blue is now open for business... for more info go here:

The lovely 2006 Miss DC, Kate Michael, models both clothing and jewelry on the site.