Saturday, July 22, 2006

ANC Commissioner Karyn-Siobhan Robinson ... from out of the blue!

Though, over the years, I have often photographed 1369 Connecticut Avenue it has been since last December when I learned of the Historic Dupont Circle Main Streets I undertake an ongoing project that will focus on the varius buildings that surround Dupont Circle, as well as a few that are on avenues and are in close proximity to the Circle. A few weeks back just before leaving for my South Boston Virginia trip visited the Washingtonia at the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Library in search of records pertaining to the history of the building. While I was able to determine that 1369 Connecticut Avenue is located at Square 137, Lot 13 I was not able to find any architectural information pertaining to when it was builit or who designed it.

However, when walking north along Connecticut Avenue from the Farragut North Station to Dupont Circle during my 21 July Friday Photo Walk I'd observe that 1367 is also associated with the building. 1369 is the entracne to the bank, while 1367 appears to be entrance for commercial tenants on the upper floors. I'd cross Connecticut Avenue and position myself just north of the Dupont Circle South Station, in front of 1350 Connecticut Avenue and take several pictures of 1367 - 1369 Connecticut Avenue making sure to get the Dupont Circle Station WMATA sign in the foreground with the Sun Trust Bank clock and thermometer in the background so as to record the time and tempertature.

While taking the pictures of 1369 Connecticut Avenue, an old acquaintance that I have photographed since 1992 would walk in my direction, with her daughter. It had been the day before and ... from out of the blue ... that I remembered that I had photographed Karyn-Siobhan Robinson at the 2006 Capital Pride Festival but having taken so many pictures and have also been involved with so many photographic projects, reflecting on the fact that I had neither seen nor sent the photos to her ... it had been just the day before ... that I said to myself 'I need to find those photos and get them to Karyn.

So, when I saw Karyn on Friday evening at Dupont Circle South, walking in my direction, the first thing that came from out of my mouth was "I was just thinking of you ..." and would then explain that while I had not forgotten her nor the photos that I took of her during Pride that I had been so busy with other projects. She said that she understood.

She'd reintroduce me to her daughter, Siobhan.

Mentioning that I was then in the process of photographing 1369 Connecticut Avenue in connection with an ongoing documentary project, I inquired if I may capture them, using 1369 Connecticut Avenue as a backdrop. She said yes. While taking several pictures, I'd ask if she made her own hats since, over the years, I have often seen and captured in hats. She said that she did not make her own hats but that she had just purchased the one that she was wearing from Proper Topper. I'd say that Proper Topper had often been amongst my ongoing store window displays project and that, in years past, I had purchased two hats, for my mother as Mothers Day gifts from Proper Topper. Handing me her card, Karyn and her daughter would continue on. It would not be until I had return home and would read her card that I'd realize that she is the ANC Commissioner for Dupont Circle.

Which may play in my favor pertaining to my Historic Dupont Circle Main Streets Project.

You never know who you may run into, from out of the blue! In fact, it had been, exactly one week before during my 14 July Friday Photo Walk that on his 60th birthday that I had met Ronny, Chief Engineer at the 1350 Connecticut Avenue ...

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