Sunday, July 16, 2006

DJ Roo ... if you could read my mind

I still had not gotten over the incident at Lambda Rising on Friday evening, 14 July. Perhaps, if a similar scenario had not occured the week before, on 4 July, when I used the bathroom at McDonalds, a block from the White House, the incident on Friday may would not have forever changed me. And, in fact, as a black man, it is something that I experience every where that I go. As a result I did not take pictures on Saturday afternoon nor did I attend the final dance party at Velvet Nation last night. And since I am very much into dancing and dj music, the factr that I did not attend the final event at Velvet Nation signifies that I am a different man than I was before the incident at Lambda Rising.

I almost did not go to Dupont Circle this afternoon but ended up there. After taking a seris of photos, I decided to shift my focus away from Dupont Circle, in the future. And would stop in at the Green Lantern before heading home. Ordered a bottle of water and went to the bathroom on the second floor. When taking a piss, I'd reflect on the 4 July incident at McDonalds. Zipped my pants up. Grabbed my bottle of water and was planning to head downstairs and head home.

But, the music caught my attention. I'd walk into the main room, sit against the wall and inahle the music. Something about the dj's style brought back the good ole days of The Paradise Garage, The Club House and Roy Thode at The Saint.

Viola Will's "If You Read My Mind" came in from out of nowhere. I said to myself 'this dj is good.' He's into vocals.

I'd ask the bartender if I could take a few photos of the dj. He said that I should ask the dj. I did and he said yes. When I inquired of his name he said DJ Roo.

Once home I'd check out his website at at which time I would learn that he is part of a two man mixing team that features house and circuit music.

Dj's Rob & Roo are a Washington, DC based dance music mixing duo. Professionally trained at Metatrack Studios in Washington, their mix of vocal house music combined with intelligent shifts into tribal make Dj's Rob & Roo a crowd favorite. Throughout a typical set, club goers are not only treated to energized anthems (featuring mixes by Manny Lehman, Tracy Young, Friburn & Urik, Chris Cox, Wayne G, Tony Moran and Rosabel) but are often taken on a slightly darker and heavier path (using the talents of Peter Rauhofer, Victor Calderone, Razor N Guido, and Murk).

And while DJ Roo had no way of knowing this, if only for a moment, his musical sytle lifted me up, just enough, to get me through the week. the way that Bryan Hughes mixes gets me through ... . I wanted to stay longer and dive into his music, but tonight was not the right time. It is not uncommon for me to visit a venue or attend a circuit event, specifically, to hear the DJ. And to dance and party, my ass off.

I'll be visiting the Green Lantern again, specifically, to hear DJ Roo.

If DJ Roo could read my mind, he would know that I'll be keeping my eyes and ears open for his next big dance party. Beam me up, Scotty! Lift off!

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