Monday, July 17, 2006

Street Life

Long before I received a Minolta as a Christmas gift in December 1991 I had an interest in documenting and capturing the homeless. Since January 1992, Homelessness in America has been an intricate element in my photography. At first, in the course of street photography, I'd approach homeless subjects that I had observed for years and would inquire if I may take upclose shots of their face, feet and hands. Some of my best street portraits were taken during this time. In years past, when I've captured the annual November Homelessness Walkathon, in WDC, I have sometimes donated my photographs to its primary sponsor, Fannie Mae. In 2003, I began the Street Life Project which, not unlike the Face, Feet and Hands series the intent of Street Life, and through the use of photography, is to draw attention to some of the most basic concerns and needs of the homeless. Street Life will attempt to record, document and capture the homeless in very natural states and scenarios.

The above photo is part of an ongoing project that focuses on the tattoos of homeless subjects.

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