Thursday, July 20, 2006

Mural on 17th Street

Though I have passed through this area of 17th Street many times before which, located just north of Corcoran Street and a few yards south of R Street in NW WDC and have photographed it and the True Value Hardware Store on 17th Hardware as well, I had never before observed the mural on the side of the hardware store. With aged and peeling paint, it certainly is not a new mural. And since murals and other writings on the wall which I refer to as Signs of Our Times have been amongst my ongoing themes, for many years, it is something that I would or should have noticed.

Observing this mural for the first time on Sunday evening, 16 July, and realizing that it has been there for quite sometime ... it served as an indication that as a result of the incident on Friday at Lambda Rising, and in no small way, I was now seeing things from a very different persepective. When I pass through this area of 17th Street again, I'll stop in at the hardware store and inquire of the mural's history.

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