Saturday, May 05, 2007

New Homesites Released at Capitol Quarter

I am pleased to announce that Capitol Quarter will accept reservations on our next 5 market rate homes on Saturday May 12th, 2007 at 11:00 a.m. Capitol Quarter is EYA's exciting new community within walking distance of the new Washington National's Baseball Stadium and the Navy Yard Metro. Reservations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis beginning at 11:00 a.m on May 12th. A deposit in an amount equal to 10% of the base price of the home will be required to reserve a specific homesite.

Please note that no reservations will be accepted before 11:00 a.m on Saturday May 12th, 2007, and this offering does not include any workforce homes, which will be released at a later date.

We anticipate an additional 5 market rate homes will be made available each month for the next several months. We will notify you of all subsequent releases via email as well. The sales center, which is located at 1023 4th Street, SE (4th & L) will re-open 7 days a week from 11:00 am - 6:00 pm beginning Saturday, May 5th, 2007.

The following homesites will be available for reservation on May 12th:

2834 - Addison - Interior @ $567,000
2835 - Addison - Interior @ $567,000
2804 - Addison - Interior @ $567,000
1838 - Banneker - Interior @ $634,000
2833 - Banneker - End @ $684,000
Philip Salin
Capitol Quarter Sales Manager

22nd AIDS Candlelight Vigil - Greenwich Village NYC - 22 June 2007

Greenwich Village-Sheridan Square Park and Christopher Street
Friday, 22 June 2007 @ 7 PM

AIDS CANDLELIGHT VIGIL NYC is a memorial to all the people who died of HIV/AIDS, to show support for survivors in addition to support for those now afflicted with HIV/AIDS. This event is a nondenominational event. There is no discrimination of color, race and/or sexual preference.

AIDS CANDLELIGHT VIGIL NYC is not associated with any political, religious, or city, state or federal agency. It is just a group of loving, caring individuals with a common cause, to REMEMBER, and to SHOW SUPPORT. Everyone is welcome!


AIDS CANDLELIGHT VIGIL NYC provides candles free of charge. The procession starts at Sheridan Square Park and proceeds down Christopher Street. . a banner and the wreath is carried down Christopher Street. Supporters of those struggling with HIV/AIDS, and friends, family members and loved ones of those who have passed from AIDS carry light candles in a quiet march to the waterfront. At the end of Christopher Street at the Hudson River waterfront a wreath is tossed into the waters in memory of those who have passed of AIDS.

AIDS CANDLELIGHT VIGIL NYC is an official HOP *Heritage of Pride* event.

Download postcard or invite from my flickr account.

Contact GAIL CAMINITI at 347-297-8501 or email at GEEE2252@AOL.COM

Friday, May 04, 2007

One Year Ago Today: Nats new stadium groundbreaking ceremony

It was one year ago today that the official groundbreaking ceremony was held for the construction of the Washington Nationals New Stadium and Ballpark.

Having visited the area since the fall of 1972 when friends and I began frequenting the Pier Nine, when hearing of redevelopment plans of Near Southeast DC, I began my ongoing historiographic project, of the area, in November 2004 at the Arthur Capper Projects.

I returned in January 2005 to south of M Street, at Half & O Street, and since then have accumulated an interesting archive of architectural images that I have curated into several collections. They are:

1. Arthur Capper Projects (Anu Yadav 'Capers') - November 2004
2. Capper / Carrollsburg - One Year Later, November 2005
3. Capper / Carrollsburg - November 2004 - March 2006
2. Capitol Quarter (Capper / Carrollsburg) since March 2006
4. 20 M Street, SE - Since August 2005
5. Industrial Yard - South of M Street - September 2005 - January 2006
6. Washington Nationals Baseball Stadium - Industrial Photography - January 2006 thru May 2006
7. Washington Nationals (New) Baseball Stadium . Groundbreaking . 4 May 2006
8. Washington Nationals Ballpark "Under Construction" since 4 May 2006

Click above photo by Elvert Barnes to view recent never before seen images of the 4 May 2006 groundbreaking ceremony. In my Window With A view 2007 project I recently began photographing the construction of the stadium from my bedroom and patio windows.

Here is an official video of the 4 May 2006 groundbreaking ceremony.

Woof Lauderdale / Menergy Productions' Sunday Solei! Pool Party

Solei! pool party
Fun under the sun

We are excited to start our 2007 season of pool parties for men to gather and celebrate life in a setting of love, positive energy and brotherhood. Get ready for a fun and bright afternoon with the sounds and talents of Guy Martinez, Mr DJ Sol.

Sunday, 6 May 2007
1pm - 5pm . $10.00
1115 SW 4th Street
Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.33312
(SW 4th Street is Tequesta Street)
Cash beverage stand by The Chef Table.
Joe Soler of Menergy Productions

Friday's Photo of the Week . 04 May 2007

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Arts at Pershing Park

Friday, 4 May - Sunday, 6 May
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

A new monthly cultural event kicking off in May will spotlight local artists and provide them with an opportunity to showcase and market their work in the city’s National Parks. Artists of all media, performers and musicians will gather on the corner of 14th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue on the first weekend of each month through October.

Artist demonstrations and interactive learning workshops for children and adults will also be available. Sponsored by Guest Services, Inc. with the Willard InterContinental Hotel and the National Park Service. Light fare and beverages will be available at The Pershing Park Café. For more information, visit or e-mail Susan Pourian at

Click photo by Elvert Barnes to visit onoging Pershing Park WDC photo set.

Citywide Public Meeting on the DC Pedestrian Master Plan TONIGHT

Thursday, 3 May, from 7 - 8:30 pm

DC Department of Transportation Citywide Public Meeting on the DC Pedestrian Master Plan

Columbia Heights Recreational Center at 1480 Girard Street, NW,

The DC Department of Transportation (DDOT) recently launched the first DC Pedestrian Master Plan that examines all aspects of improving the city’s pedestrian environment. A public meeting is being held to introduce the plan’s purpose and scope, announce the results of the citywide online survey and obtain community feedback. The pedestrian plan is due to be completed in October 2007. The recreational center is pedestrian and bike friendly and is located three blocks from the Columbia Heights Metro station. Parking is limited. For more information, visit

Info excerpted from Downtown DC BID Newsletter dated 03 May 2007.

Click photo by Elvert Barnes from the Art Walk: Metamorphosis photoset. See also Pedestrians 2006 and Pedestrian Traffic 2007 sets.

Jogging along the 10th Street Art Walk

When I first happened upon what I now know to be the Art Walk: Metamorphosis I kind of liked it. In fact, its structure reminded me of the October 2004 Coexistence Exhibition on the National Mall.

In its final stages of construction, at the time, two things that I was almost certain that I did not like about the 10th Street Art Walk or wondered what were they thinking pertained to the multi-coloured pieces of glass strewn about the parking lot and embedded at either end of the walk. And the green tarp.

Which I thought both may have been temporary props staged for the upcoming dedication. Most other aspects of what I then referred to as the Metamorphosis Park - I kind of liked.

While most reactions sway more to "... what a ridiculous eye sore ...?" and a "waste of time", the more I pass through, capturing pedestrians, joggers and communters along the way - the more I like it.

With the exception of the fake glass and fake grass.

However, as a street photographer it has become one of my favorite places to photograph, document and capture the urban experience.

It was one year ago, on 2 May 2006, that Mayor Anthony Williams announced that the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, in cooperation with the Washington Convention Center, had completed installation of Art Walk, a large-scale outdoor exhibition of twelve works by local artists on the site of the former convention center.

One of the reasons that I am posting this article is to pay respect to the artists who contributed to the 10th Street Art Walk: Metamorphosis. They are Trish Tillman - Tenure Affection; Gary Medovich – Emos; Michael Dax Iacovone - Rock Creek Parkway; Joey P. Manlapaz - DC Skyline: Metamorphosis; Aziza Gibson Hunter - I Evolve; Bridget Sue Lambert - Developmental Discourse; Jati Lindsay - A Study in Rhythm; Adjoa J. Burrowes – Caterpillar; Bryan Whitson – Untitled; Val Lewton - Medici Morph; Leslie A. Cohen - Metamorphis of Sky; Juan Bernal – Metamorfosis.

Having visited Daniel Lobo's "Back To Work - Artomatic 2007" photographic series a few days before, as I snapped pictures of the Art Walk: Metamorphosis on Saturday, 21 April, a thought flashed through my mind.

Realizing that many of my photographs would fit quite well into the scheme of the Art Walk: Metamorphosis or other public art projects like it, I am now contemplating submitting my work to future public art projects.

And in a similar way that I capture jogging on the National Mall or on Maine Avenue or at Dupont Circle North I will now capture joggers at the Art Walk: Metamorphosis.

Click photo by Elvert Barnes to visit Art Walk: Metamorphosis and Joggers 2007 photosets

"Green & Blue" opens in the Golden Triangle

I reported in early April that Green and Blue was coming to Dupont Circle South.

And as I observed on Friday, 20 April but, which was reported in the Golden Triangle Newsletter dated 1 May 2007:

New boutique shop Green and Blue has opened its doors at 1350 Connecticut Avenue just in time to unveil an exclusive collection of spring and summer designs for Washington women.

Co-owned by Michaela Schwartz and Daniela Cermanova, the clothing shop introduces a collection of designers to the District that bring a contemporary twist to classical designs.

Golden Triangle is a great place to open our store,” said Schwartz. “We wanted [to] open a clothing store where we would want to shop. We want every visit to the store to be a personal shopping experience for our clients,” she said.

Green and Blue carries clothing by Vena Cava, Secrets of Charm, Cynthia Rowley, Cynthia Steffe, Rebecca Taylor, T-bags and Czech designer Sona Hlavackova.

Cermanova, who is a Czech native, also showcases her own collection of designs and will create custom-made clothes under the ELA ELA COUTURE label.

“I love to design clothes that I would want to wear, clothes that are elegant as well as functional. We will have clothes for every woman’s working as well as casual wardrobe,” said Cermanova.

“There is so much happening here,” said Schwartz of the store’s location in the
Golden Triangle. “Our clothes are fabulous for every working woman that passes by,” she said.

For further information,
visit here or call 202.223.6644.

Click photo by Elvert Barnes to visit ongoing Green and Blue and Dupont Circle South snd Windows - Golden Triangle - WDC photo sets which are included in Golden Triangle WDC and Windows Of The World 2007 photo collections.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Daniel Lobo's "Back To Work" at Artomatic 2007

Part self-portrait and part economic anthropology, Back To Work, which is the work and concept of Urban Designer and Researcher Daniel Lobo is more than just a photographic series of people walking to and from work.

Though the Artomatic 2007 - "Back To Work" installation of over 300 images follows Lobo's commute to and from his Columbia Heights residence in northwest Washington DC which he shares with his wife, Elena, this particular "Back To Work - urban and social narrative" represents a recent one year span of the Back To Work project. And is only one of Daniel Lobo's many ongoing conceptual projects.

The Back To Work collection which includes images taken in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, dating back to 1992, began with 35 mm film and, as such, since many negatives of his early work have not yet been processed his Back To Work archive includes many never before been seen images.

Hoping always to inspire others to undertake similar conceptual and self-portrait projects Lobo's "Artomatic 2007 - Back To Work" photographic series is more than just a wall of 300 or so images depicting the backs of people that he photographed along his commute route to and from work in Washington DC, over the past year.

Born in Madrid, after an early career in contemporary art he moved to England where he graduated with a degree in City Design and Social Science from the London School of Economics.

Spending the past seven years participating in urban planning and cultural development initiatives in the Washington DC area, 30-something Daniel Lobo has also been a frequent freelance researcher/reporter and contributor to several publications including the New Partisan, A Journal of Culture, Arts & Politics where he authored "What's Wrong With MLB in DC". And World Changing - Washington DC. See recent articles A Growing Open Source Community dated 3 November 2006 and Green Camouflage dated 4 February 2007.

As the Project Manager of Community Design at the American Institute of Architects, Mr. Lobo develops and supports programs to sustain livable communities including disaster assistance and neighborhood development. And, as as result, travels throughout the country in places such as Tucson, Arizona, Louisville, KY, Syracuse, NY, to name a few.

A member of the American Planning Association, Mr. Lobo also sits on the Board of Directors of Shaw EcoVillage, a non-for profit organization dedicated to provide opportunities to youth to be effective advocates for meaningful and sustainable change in Washington DC’s urban neighborhoods.

View his flickr photo sets to gain a better perspective of his travels and photography.

It was through flickr that I first became acquainted with Daniel in the summer of 2005. Several things about his photography caught my attention, immediately, including his interests in architecture, street photography and graffiti. And, of ocurse, his Back To Work series which brought to mind my In Hindsight and Pedestrian Traffic series.

Here is a better list of Daniel Lobo's interests and contributions.

As a result of his posting my self-portrait Election Day 2006 photo to his blog which speaks on the issue of why many black males can not vote, Daniel suggested that we meet for coffee or tea, in January 2007, after his return from Spain and Syracuse, so as to get better acquainted with the nature of our art. Since we seem to have similar interests and in some cases had visited or photographed some of the same events almost at the exact same time. But, had never, met each other nor knew who the other was.

Our schedules did not permit us to meet until Tuesday evening, 24 April 2007, when we agreed to meet at Artomatic 2007. Though the Artomatic meeting was suggested by Daniel for the purpose of interviewing me it also served as a perfect opportunity for me to learn more about him and the nature of his work.

Without going too much into detail regarding the interview, since this posting is about Daniel a most important realization that we discussed was - though our purpose and sometimes foci are very similar the underlying currrent that affects, influences and, perhaps, shapes the differences in our technique lies in the difference in our experiences pertaining to racism.

The very ways that we use our cameras and other equipment as well as the types of equipment and means by which we report are very much connected to the racism that I have experienced and, in his case, the freedoms or priviledges that he is afforded as a male of European descent.

Like Daniel Lobo who represents a new form of the conceptural artist, I regard my work not only as visual documentations of our times and the world in which we live but, also, as a means by which to shed light on my personal story and our collective history. Literally, and not unlike Daniel, photographing most places that I go. Thereby, recording the path that I travel while in the process learning about and reporting on my surroundings.

Daniel's Back To Work Artomatic 2007 is not only a photographic installation displayed on the walls of Artomatic 2007 but through flickr it is also a virtual exhibition. Where viewers from around the world or even the subject depicted in a particular picture may actually view the photos' EXIF data and other details.

I know that whenever I view pictures or revisit photo collections that I took in the past I almost always recall exactlly what I was going through, at the time. And, as a photographer, I always get a certain amount of pleasure when someone who I do not know contacts me regarding a picture that they came across on the internet that I took of them. Who, in the process of thanking me for having captured them will then shed light on what they were experiencing, at the time. Or mention what memories the picture brings to their mind.

Similarly, when I learned that a photo of Anise Jenkins had been included in the Back To Work Artomatic 2007 series I made sure to inform Daniel of Anise Jenkin's contact information.

And a perfect example of how one may particiapte in, collaborate with or craft their own such project is reflected in Lobo's Back To Work video which features the music of cellist Julia Kent performing Barajas. Having come across Back To Work, when Julia Kent contacted Daniel Lobo for his permission in her use of some of the images in one of her projects, since his work is in the public domain he, of course, said yes. And, in turn, she agreed that Daniel could use her performance of Barajas as background music for his Back To Work video.

Though Daniel Lobo says that he is more pessimistic now than in years past, his Back To Work series, at least from my perspective, represents his ability to move forward. And, as depicted in each picture - one step at a time.

When I reflect on his career, interests and contributions I see Daniel Lobo more as a visionary. And as one who travels throughout the world researching and reporting on urban issues - it is not difficult to understand why he may experience feelings of pessimism. Feelings that I think may be more associated with realism as opposed to pessimisim.

Similar to my reaction to racism, while I regard myself as being positive, history has taught me that the impact of racism on my life is worst now than it ws 25 years ago. Pessimistic I am not. but, a realist - I am.

Thanking me for having met with him at Artomatic on the evening before, in an email on the following day Daniel suggested that I take a look at "the ideal of the flaneur - the urban walker". Which, though I had not ever heard of, defines the nature of my photography since my first visits to WDC in the fall of 1972. A form of photography, that inspite of almost 35 years of racism I am still practicing. As evidenced by my Friday, Saturday and Sunday photo walks.

Until Daniel, I had no idea that what I was practicing is a form flaneurism.

Like I said, Daniel Lobo is a visionist who has the ability to see things that others can not.

In the same email, Daniel says "... I began to fantasize about galleries without a facade, open (even to the weather) that give a different meaning to the idea of bringing the art - as a social/political/personal platform - from the street to the gallery because the gallery remains street and thus it does not sell an object, it is accessible, and if anything it lives from exchanging ideas and opening new avenues. Truly opening the space to the street."

Inviting others to participate in a new form of conceptual art, with the use of the internet and public domain, Daniel Lobo is not only able to see things that others can not but, through his work as an urban designer and cultural development he, undoubtedly, will turn some of his dreams and visualizations into reality.

Click above photo to view access my Daniel Lobo's "Back To Work" Artomatic 2007 photoset which is part of my Artomatic 2007 collection.

When visiting Artomatic 2007 check out Daniel Lobo's "Back To Work" on the 8th floor at Space: Green 8E7.

It will change your perspective ...

Inspired by Daniel Lobo's Back To Work I am now contemplating similar photographic installations of Dupont Circle 1992 - 2006 and Dupont Circle 2007.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

YELP rates Eastern Market as Number 1 shopping destination in DC

Yelp, an online multi city community review guide of local businesses, has had many people write about their Eastern Market experiences and what they love about it. Recently we discovered that Yelp Washington rates Eastern Market as the number 1 best place to shop."

Probably the best reason to live on the Hill", is how one reviewer, Sean G. describes it. "I would rather go shopping here than in Georgetown." Alexa B. wrote.

Another reviewer, Karen K. writes, "If I ever did move back to DC, I would make sure I lived within walking distance of Eastern Market. It does get crowded on the weekends, but the architecture, the food, the flowers, the jewelry, the artwork!! Wow. "

Yelp considers itself the ultimate city guide that taps into the community's voice and reveals honest and current insights on local businesses and services. You can check out all the comments and insights at and Yelp Washington.

Excerpted from Eastern Market Newsletter dated 30 April 2007.

Click photo by Elvert Barnes to access Eastern Market and Capitol Hill 2006 photo sets.

Call for Contributions for Qr Issue 2, "Discoteq"

Introducing Qr Magazine - the new monthly magazine by and for young gay men - that unapologetically spotlights the flourishing and diverse life of all young gay males with honest, shocking and sexy content, Qr Issue 1, "Outsider" will be on newsstands soon.

You can see first sample issue online at

In the meantine, they' ve started working on Issue 2, "Discoteq".

Nightlife has been, and continues to be, a key component to gay life. Hooking up on the dancefloor, feeling liberated with friends on a Friday night, being at the forefront of music and drug culture, we look at the past, the present and the future of the gay scene. No glowsticks but maybe a few go-go boys. This is Qr's "Discoteq".

At the moment they're on the lookout for articles that celebrate and examine the above theme. Some ideas:

1. What was your first time in a bar/club like?
2. Have you had a magical dancefloor moment?
3. What was your wildest college party like?
4. Why do you hate the gay scene/gay clubs?
5. What’s the sleaziest thing you’ve seen in a club?

If you have any more ideas then feel free to share. Remember, contributions need to be sent via