Sunday, April 29, 2007

YELP rates Eastern Market as Number 1 shopping destination in DC

Yelp, an online multi city community review guide of local businesses, has had many people write about their Eastern Market experiences and what they love about it. Recently we discovered that Yelp Washington rates Eastern Market as the number 1 best place to shop."

Probably the best reason to live on the Hill", is how one reviewer, Sean G. describes it. "I would rather go shopping here than in Georgetown." Alexa B. wrote.

Another reviewer, Karen K. writes, "If I ever did move back to DC, I would make sure I lived within walking distance of Eastern Market. It does get crowded on the weekends, but the architecture, the food, the flowers, the jewelry, the artwork!! Wow. "

Yelp considers itself the ultimate city guide that taps into the community's voice and reveals honest and current insights on local businesses and services. You can check out all the comments and insights at and Yelp Washington.

Excerpted from Eastern Market Newsletter dated 30 April 2007.

Click photo by Elvert Barnes to access Eastern Market and Capitol Hill 2006 photo sets.

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