Thursday, May 03, 2007

Jogging along the 10th Street Art Walk

When I first happened upon what I now know to be the Art Walk: Metamorphosis I kind of liked it. In fact, its structure reminded me of the October 2004 Coexistence Exhibition on the National Mall.

In its final stages of construction, at the time, two things that I was almost certain that I did not like about the 10th Street Art Walk or wondered what were they thinking pertained to the multi-coloured pieces of glass strewn about the parking lot and embedded at either end of the walk. And the green tarp.

Which I thought both may have been temporary props staged for the upcoming dedication. Most other aspects of what I then referred to as the Metamorphosis Park - I kind of liked.

While most reactions sway more to "... what a ridiculous eye sore ...?" and a "waste of time", the more I pass through, capturing pedestrians, joggers and communters along the way - the more I like it.

With the exception of the fake glass and fake grass.

However, as a street photographer it has become one of my favorite places to photograph, document and capture the urban experience.

It was one year ago, on 2 May 2006, that Mayor Anthony Williams announced that the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, in cooperation with the Washington Convention Center, had completed installation of Art Walk, a large-scale outdoor exhibition of twelve works by local artists on the site of the former convention center.

One of the reasons that I am posting this article is to pay respect to the artists who contributed to the 10th Street Art Walk: Metamorphosis. They are Trish Tillman - Tenure Affection; Gary Medovich – Emos; Michael Dax Iacovone - Rock Creek Parkway; Joey P. Manlapaz - DC Skyline: Metamorphosis; Aziza Gibson Hunter - I Evolve; Bridget Sue Lambert - Developmental Discourse; Jati Lindsay - A Study in Rhythm; Adjoa J. Burrowes – Caterpillar; Bryan Whitson – Untitled; Val Lewton - Medici Morph; Leslie A. Cohen - Metamorphis of Sky; Juan Bernal – Metamorfosis.

Having visited Daniel Lobo's "Back To Work - Artomatic 2007" photographic series a few days before, as I snapped pictures of the Art Walk: Metamorphosis on Saturday, 21 April, a thought flashed through my mind.

Realizing that many of my photographs would fit quite well into the scheme of the Art Walk: Metamorphosis or other public art projects like it, I am now contemplating submitting my work to future public art projects.

And in a similar way that I capture jogging on the National Mall or on Maine Avenue or at Dupont Circle North I will now capture joggers at the Art Walk: Metamorphosis.

Click photo by Elvert Barnes to visit Art Walk: Metamorphosis and Joggers 2007 photosets

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