Saturday, June 02, 2007

"Debating Race" by Michael Eric Dyson

Whether chronicling the class conflict in the African-American community or exposing the failings of the government response in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Michael Eric Dyson has never shied away from controversy. No stranger to intellectual combat, Dyson has always been ready to engage friends and foes alike in open conversation about the issues that matter. Debating Race collects many of Dyson’s most memorable encounters and most poignant arguments and gives readers a front row seat as he spars with politicians, pundits, and public intellectuals. From John Kerry and John McCain to Ann Coulter and the hosts of television’s The View — Dyson shows the mental agility and rhetorical tenacity that have made him one of America’s most astute intellectuals.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

St. Mary's County Seeking Historic Information on Residents of the Former "Flat Tops"/Lexington Manor Neighborhood

Located adjacent to the main gate of the Patuxent Naval Air Station at Patuxent River in Lexington Park, Maryland, the Flat Tops Project Development had been built in the 1940's for whites. Many who worked at or whose jobs were connected with the naval base. With the same architectural design and similar street scape, a few miles down the road and further from the main gate but nearer to the south gate, the Carver Heights Projects Development had been constructed for Negro Americans. Many who also worked at Pax River Naval Air Station.

A survey of Lexington Manor’s, (also known as "Flat Tops") rich cultural heritage is being conducted by St. Mary’s County. To date, the County has acquired the property, provided relocation assistance, and demolished all but two selected buildings for historical preservation. The survey project intends to seek out individuals who lived and worked in the Flat Tops/Lexington Manor from the 1940’s through the 2000’s.

Flat Tops/Lexington Manor Historical Collection Session and Reunion is planned for Monday, 11 June 2007 at the Lexington Park Library, located at 21677 FDR Blvd in Lexington Park, MD, from 2 to 6 p.m. Special remarks are planned for 4 p.m. to commemorate the occasion and recall the neighborhood’s rich cultural heritage. If you can share stories or knowledge, artifacts, or photos about Flat Tops/Lexington Manor because you lived there, worked there, maintained the property, played there, etc. during the 1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s, and 2000’s, plan to attend this information gathering event.

The County and the Maryland Historic Trust would like all former residents to bring photographs from their years at the Flat Tops/Lexington Manor to be copied for possible inclusion in the project.

For more information, please contact Cynthia DellaGatta, Economic Development Coordinator, St. Mary’s County Dept of Economic Development, at 301-475-4200, ext. 1408, or

Click the above photo by Elvert Barnes taken during his 25 December 2004 visit to Southern Maryland which sheds light on the history of the Flat Tops and Carver Heights developments.