Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tuesday, 3 July 2007 proclaimed as Herb White Day

A memorial service was held last evening, 22 June 2007, at the Friends Meeting House in NW Washington celebrating the life of Herb White who passed at Sibley Hospital on 8 June at the age of 71 of complications associated with lung cancer.

Born 06 July 1935, a restaurateur and real estate investor who owned and operated businesses in Baltimore, Washington and Miami, Herb White was one of the founders of DC Arts Center.

When remembering his long time friend, Councilman Jim Graham brought his remarks to a close by announcing that the District of Columbia's City Council had enacted a proclamation designating Tuesday, 3 July 2007 as Herb White Day.

Though it will take me a few days to upload all the images, click the above photo to view my Herb White Memorial - Friends Meeting House - WDC - 22 June 2007 photoset.

Here is the video of Jim Graham proclaiming 3 July 2007 as Herb White Day. And you'll find the text to the "Herb White Recognition Resolution of 2007" here.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Marking the Streets for this weekend's 15th National Capital Barbecue Battle

When out taking pictures on Wednesday evening, 20 June 2007 that I happened upon this workman at the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and 13th Street in NW WDC, at Freedom Plaza, I inquired if I may photograph him as part of my Men At Work 2007 series.

He said yes. Upon my questioning, he said he was 'marking the streets' so that when the crews arrived on Friday to set-up for a weekend festival they would know where the street closures were.

Thanking him, I handed him my card and said the photos would be posted to flickr in a day or so and would included in my ongoing Men At Work series.

Checking the internet tonight I learned that the festival that he was 'marking the street' in preparataion of is The Safeway 15th Annual 2007 National Capital Barbecue Battle.

Sounds in the Square Concert at Farragut Square Park TONIGHT

Each Thursday evening from 10 May through 09 August, the Sounds In The Square Concert series is held in Farragut Square Park between 17th Street and Connecticut Avenue and H and K Streets in NW WDC from 5 until 7 pm.

Produced by the Golden Triangle Business Improvement District in partnership with NewsChannel 8, Smooth Jazz 105.9, the U.S. National Park Service and Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority the free outdoor concert series features local and regional artists, representing genres ranging from rock to pop, reggae to country.

Tonight, 21 June 2007, Country and Southern Rock musician Dean Crawford will take to the stage, from 5 until 7 pm. Here is a sample of his music.

And here is the Summer 2007 schedule.

As a concert attendee, you’ll also receive an “all access” wristband entitling you to discounts and special deals at bars, restaurants and other businesses in the Golden Triangle.

Make a night of it.

Become a friend of the Sounds in the Square concerts at

Daniel, Strummin' His Fingers in Dupont Circle

I began my STREET LIFE / STREET MUSICIANS video-interview documentary project on Wednesday evening, 20 June 2007 when I happened upon Daniel in Dupont Circle.

Focusing on homeless subjects who are also street musicians each interview will shed light on the individual's personal story. Or, in some cases, serve as a means by which the subject may express his/her views regarding a particular matter(s) of his/her day.

Eventually, images that I have taken, over the years, of the homeless as well as video-interview clips from my newly launched STREET LIFE / STREET MUSICIANS series will be included in a provocative "Homelessness in America - Street Life" exhibition / installation.

Daniel was sitting on the north side of Dupont Circle when I approached him inquiring if I may conduct a brief video-interview of him while he played his guitar. And explained further that the resulting video would be uploaded to the internet as part of an ongoing STREET LIFE / STREET MUSICIANS project.

Here is the video which includes the following text:

STREET LIFE/STREET MUSICIANS video-interview series: 52 going on 53, born in England, Daniel moved to PG County MD in 1965 with his family. After a discharge from the Army he returned to PG County. His music reflects the 60's but, without a 'pick' on this particular day and for the sake of this video-interview Daniel is, simply, "strummin' his fingers" ...

Click the above photo to view Street Life 2007 and Street Musicians 2007 photo sets. See also Street Musicians 2006 and Musicians & Bands and Street Life 2006 and Homelessness - WDC.

Video is at You Tube.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mo Alem performs "The Flip Side of A Coin" at DC Guerrilla Poetry Insurgency in Dupont Circle WDC . 18 June 2007

On the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month, DC Guerrilla Poetry Insurgency (GPI) holds an open mike night in Dupont Circle, from 7 until 9 pm.

I first captured the DC GPI open mike night, a few years ago, when reporting for DC Indymedia. Out testing my repaired Canon Rebel XT on Monday evening, 18 June 2007, I have captured the DC - GPI Lyrical Ambush for the third or fourth time - in as many years.

Though I videotaped and photographed several performers Mo Alem's performance of The Flip Side of A Coin" was definately amongst those that stood out. Here is the video and here is the text.

Click the above photo of Mo Alem to view my 18 June 2007 DC Guerrilla Poetry Insurgency session in Dupont Circle photoset.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Prison Art Gallery / Street Exhibit at Farragut North Subway Station

Founded by Dennis and Carolyn Sobin the Prison Art Gallery, located at 1600 K Street, NW, Suite 501 opened its doors last October.

In 1991, Sobin was arrested in Florida for filming naked children frolicking at a nudist resort. Sobin claimed the footage was for use in a documentary; a court viewed his work as pornography and gave the combative defendant over five years in state prison. Now free, Sobin is gathering other incarcerated artists in his stand against the Man.

Sobin, 63, is the director of the Prisons Foundation, which was officially incorporated after his January 2003 release from the Federal Correctional Institution in Petersburg, Va., where he was serving an additional five years for bankruptcy fraud-related charges. “The foundation,” he says, “promotes the arts and education in prison and alternatives to incarceration”—which includes publishing resource guides for inmates and inmates’ families, hosting events to increase public awareness about prisoner issues such as mandatory sentencing minimums, and responding to letters from prisoners.

The Prisons Gallery of Art, which opened in early October, is the foundation’s latest project.

In addition to its leased gallery space at 1600 K Street, Suite 501, the Prison Art Gallery also operates a Prison Art Gallery / Street (Outdoor) Exhibit at the Farragut North WMATA Subway Station exit at the corner of Connecticut Avenue and K Street in downtown WDC.

Hours for the main gallery at 1600 K Street, Suite 501, are Monday through Friday 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM and Saturday and Sunday 12:30 - 5:30 PM.

The Prison Art Gallery / Street (Outdoor) Exhibit, at the corner of Connecticut Avenue and K Street operate from 11 am until 6 pm, Monday through Friday.

For more information visit the website at or telephone 202-393-1511.

Click photo to view my now ongoing Prison Art Gallery / Street Exhibit and Golden Triangle Street Vendors photo sets.

Curtis Tire Center: After more than 40 years, one of the few remaining black owned businesses ...

Though it was only recently that I learned that my picture-taking is a form of flaneurism when visiting Southern Maryland this past Fathers' Day Weekend I could not help but reflect on one year ago when documenting the 2006 Juneteenth Celebration at Berry Hill Plantation that I spent a great deal of time photographing South Boston Virginia.

While my interest and foci span the gamut I always make it a special project to photograph black owned businesses in the course of my travels. Which, in recent decades and, particularly, with the onset of integration has been on a steady decline.

As a young black boy growing up in Southern Maryland I have many memories of many black owned businesses.

The 'decline' is not only true in Southern Maryland but also along 14th Street in NW WDC as well as in communities and cities throughout the nation. Including Fort Lauderdale where Tanis Hair Design Unlimited remains as the only black owned business in the Wilton Manor area. When I visit Fort lauderdale or Chelsea NYC, black businesses are hard to find.

It was during my 16 June 2007 Saturday Photo Walk along Great Mills Road in Lexington Park MD when remembering that Curtis Tire had been at the same location during my attendance at Great Mills High School, which I graduated from in June 1973, I then reflected on the fact that Curtis Tire represents one of the few remaining black owned businesses in the lower part of St. Mary's County.

Learn more about the history of Curtis Tire visit Southern Maryland Stories at the Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative's Community Newsletter.

View my Curtis Tire & Auto Center photoset or images at Insider Pages.