Saturday, January 09, 2010

My January 2010 KISS THE RAIN Dance/House/Trance (26th MAL Weekend) Mix

Of equal importance to the music mixes that I create is the cd cover that I design for each mix. Which in most cases feature my photography and, sometimes, writings.

In celebration of the 26th Annual Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend 2010 event my KISS THE RAIN January 2010 mix is a special tribute to Ken Clark and Mark Thompson who celebrated their 30th anniversary in November 2009.

The cover photo was taken (of them) on P near 22nd Street, NW, Washington DC during the 5 June 1994 Capital Pride Festival.

Click the cover to listen and/or download the January 2010 KISS THE RAIN mix which as the 2nd of two MAL 2010 mixes features this dance, house and trance tracklist.

Friday, January 08, 2010

8 January 2010 Friday's Photo of the Week

click image
View of L'Enfant Plaza Hotel from La Promenade Shopping Mall
L'Enfant Plaza Complex, SW, Washington DC
Monday afternoon, 4 January 2010

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

My "Now That We Are Free" Trance Mix in celebration of MAL Weekend 2010

First, let me start by stating that there is absolutely NO CONNECTION between me nor my music mixes and Mid-Atlantic Weekend. Other than the fact that I have attended some of the events over the years.

Secondly, I am NOT A PROFESSIONAL DJ but, since the early 70's when 8-tracks were in format, have created my own music mixes.

Thirdly, whether through photography, writing or mixing ... I regard my body of work as documentary. And while each mix has a theme and, of course, some connection to my personal story ... without apologies ... my hope is to record, document and reflect dance music that is associated with gay and lesbian culture and heritage.

What some refer to as a bedroom dj it has only been since the fall of 2008 that I have uploaded mixes to the Podomatic podcast site.

Similar to my Saint-At-Large Black Party 2009 series which was followed by a GLBT Pride 2009 collection and, more recently, the End of Year / New Year compilations ... click the above cd cover to listen to and/or download the first of two special mixes that will celebrate the 26th Annual Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend 2010 event.

Which titled NOW THAT WE ARE FREE features this trance tracklist.

Since last fall, as each mix is completed it has been uploaded to the Elvert Xaiver Barnes Mixology podcast at Podomatic. However, when storage space is needed for more recent mixes the older ones have been removed.

Though still under construction, here is the Elvert Barnes Mixology archives.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

South Florida's ArtExplosion 10 LGBT Arts Festival | 6 - 20 February 2010

Click image to read the press release dated Tuesday, 5 January 2010 from Keith Clark, Executive Director of ArtsUnited regarding South Florida's 10th Annual ArtExplosion 2010 LGBT Arts Festival.

Currently, reflecting the 2009 event, the website will soon be updated with information regarding the 2010 event.

Here is my photo album and video production from the 9th Annual ArtExplosion 2009 event.

DJ Paulo's New Year 2010 "Tribal Romance" Mix

In a Newsletter dated Tuesday, 5 January 2010 DJ Paulo says ...

Happy New Year!

I want to thank everyone for their continued support-from those that have been there from the beginning to those that are just getting on the Paulo train :) This has been the best year DJ wise, I had the most amazing events from Work, Alegria and Pines party in the east coast, to my regular club gigs at Score, Hydrate, Parking and of course my residency Atlas/Reflex in Los Angeles. New Year's Eve Karmabeat and Atlas/Masterbeat this past weekend were off the charts ! I played several new things, some of which can be found on my new podcast below "TRIBAL ROMANCE".

This is a Club mix; more vocals (including my mix of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance), chunky house grooves and of course a few of my mash ups I love to produce.

I think not having a track listing gives it some mystery so you never know what to expect :)


Check out the DJ Paulo website or for additional dates and news visit DJ Paulo at Myspace.