Friday, March 20, 2009

My RISE ABOVE mix celebrates The Black Party ...

In celebration of this weekend's Saint-At-Large 30th anniversary Black Party, and a tribute to Frank Gramarossa and Robert Mapplethorpe, the 19 March 2009 RISE ABOVE compilation includes some of my favorite house, progressive, trance and gay circuit music.

The second in an installment of three, RISE ABOVE is an excellent compilation to listen to before heading out to the many Black Party related events in NYC this weekend. While the first installment, WHAT IS LOVE and RISE ABOVE may would be music heard in the early hours of many circuit events, the third installment which is still in the works will feature more morning and as well dark music.

That which may would he heard towards the end of the Main event or at a Sunday evening's Closing event.

Click image to listen to the 19 March 2009 RISE ABOVE podcast.

And, get ready to dance your ass off!

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