Friday, September 29, 2006

My Hand/Bible Ron Brown Memorial photo

At least once a week I'll search the internet for Elvert Barnes or Elvert Xavier Barnes Photography to see where my pictures may be included at various websites or blogs. Taken on 13 April 1996 during the Ron Brown Memorial Service at the Department of Commerce in WDC the photo to the left is featured in the 1 March 2005 Science and Technology News artilce entitled Genesis: God’s word, Evolution: God’s work by Devon McPhee.

Cowgirl Creamery comes to F Street in WDC

It has been just nine years since Sue Conley and Peggy Smith launched Tomales Bay Foods in a renovated barn in Point Reyes Station, California. After successful careers as Bay Area chefs (Sue owned the popular Bette's Oceanview Diner in Berkeley; Peggy ran the kitchen at the renowned Chez Panisse), the women shifted their focus to Tomales Bay. Their new market would carry the region's finest natural foods and other products, from prepared dishes, fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, wines and cheeses. Sue and Peggy began to make cheese from the pure, natural, organic milk produced by Straus Family Dairy, and Cowgirl Creamery was born. All Cowgirl Creamery cheeses are still made at the barn in Point Reyes Station.

A second Cowgirl Creamery would open in 2003 at Ferry Plaza in San Francisco. In June 2006, Cowgirl Creamery would 'go east' when a Cowgirl Creamery would open at 919 F Street in the Chinatown/Penn Quarter area of Washington DC.

The above photo was takeen on Tuesday evening, 26 September 2006, while in the process of my ongoing Downtown F Street Project which I have been documenting for several years.

29 September 2006 Friday's Photo of the Week

Thursday, September 28, 2006

2007 Winter Party @ South Beach

28 February 28 thru 5 March 2007 represents the 2007 Winter Party™ Festival, in South Beach. A world-class beach dance party and cultural festival benefiting the Miami-Dade gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. Photo from 2005 Winter Party.

Southern Heritage Harvest Festival . Sobo VA . Saturday, 30 September 2006

JPG Magazine's rebirth

Exactly two years ago today, JPG Magazine began with a simple mission. Today, the humble project that began with a Gmail account and a dream is growing up. Welcome to the new JPG Magazine. In many ways, this is the project we always wanted. The front cover, to the right, is from the inaugural issue, Origins. There are four days left for submissions to the 7th Issue which will soon be on the newsstands.

COLORLINES - September/October Issue

Autumn has arrived, and with it the September/October issue of ColorLines hits newsstands around the country.After reflecting last month on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, we shift gears this month to look at some new cultural and political trends affecting communities of color. From a discussion of Muslim communities in the aftermath of 9/11 to welfare nannies and Jonestown, ColorLines brings you the best coverage on the issues that matter.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Springsteen's BORN TO RUN: Unseen Photo becomes a Classic Poster

One of the reasons that I photograph so proflically is to curate future Never Before Seen Photographic Exhibitions and Documentary Projects many years later. So whenever I hear of never before seen projects such as Springsteen's Born To Run Unseen Photos or Patti Smith: American Artist I get a rise.

Eric Meola, the photographer who shot the classic black & white cover of Bruce Springsteen's Born to Run, has taken one of the captivating photographs from his Born to Run: The Unseen Photos book and created a poster suitable for framing and available to all. From the same 1975 photo session that brought us the album cover, this alternate shot of Bruce and Clarence standing back-to-back feels familiar on one hand, yet its an entirely new glimpse of that iconic pose.

Offered exclusively by Backstreets Magazine, this striking image has been beautifully reproduced as a 20" x 30" poster on 100 lb. glossy stock. And best of all, the proceeds from all poster sales will go directly to the Community FoodBank of New Jersey. So help a great cause and get a great poster, unseen no more. Order yours today.

John Kiser from Rizik's says "Flip-flops belong at the beach ..."

I have photographed the window displays of Rizik's since January 1992 which was shortly after I received a Minolta as a Christmas gift in December 1991. And have admired Rizik's window displays long before. I would first observe and photograph John Kiser on 20 December 1993 when he and an assistant were in the process of dressing Rizik's window. Though I did not ask his name at the time when I'd happen upon him some months or years later dressing the windows at Rizik's having already noticed me, in the past, he'd introduce himself, saying that he also had a few clients in Baltimore.

On Tuesday afternoon, 26 September, in connection with my In the Fall of the Year 2006 Project I'd take to the streets and as I have done each fall since 1992 I'd record the window display situated at Rizik's south side. And just as I'd turn to head north on Connecticut Avenue to capture the window displays at The Gap I'd observe John Kiser standing at the front entrance of Rizik's at the store's northwest side.

When I inquired if I may take a few photos of him for posting to my blog, remembering me from over the years, he said yes. During which time I'd conduct a brief interview.

John Kiser was born in Kentucky and has worked in the window display industry for more than 28 years. At first in Huntington Kentucky before relocating to the Washington DC area which for more than 25 years he has dressed the windows at Rizik's.

As Rizik's Advertising and Visual Director Mr. Kiser no longer does work in Baltimore. At least, not on a regular basis but, may in the case of a special event.

"Flip-flops belong at the beach or a backyard barbecue," was John Kiser's reaction four members of the Northwestern University's championship women's lacrosse team showed up for a White House meeting with President Bush wearing flip-flops, in July 2005.

Monday, September 25, 2006

MPDC CCTV Neighborhood Cameras

When taking architectural and industrial photographs north of the 14th and U Street area of NW WDC on yesterday evening I'd observe an MPDC CCTV at the corner of 14th and W Streets. And as result will now embark on an ongoing documentary project that will focus on the MPDC CCTV Neighborhood Cameras Campaign.

Key Elementary's Penny War 2006 nets Whitman Walker Clinic $2000 donation

The initial idea to raise a few hundred dollars for a good cause would soon come to be known as the Penny War of 2006.

On 25 May 2006, headed by Elizabeth Fosburgh and Shane Ache Beck the Student Government Association (SGA) at Key Elementary School, located in NW WDC, donated $2000 to the Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center at the Whitman Walker Clinic in Northwest Washington DC which represented more than 20,000 pennies collected by the school's students.

Kevin Zeese, Independent Candidate for MD's US Senate @ 2006 Black Luv Festival

In his remarks at the 2006 Black Luv Festival when speaking about the truth in American politics, Green-Libertarian-Populist US Senate candidate for Maryland, Kevin Zeese, said that though the democratic party takes the Afro-American vote for granted without the Black vote democrats, simply, could not win.

He said further that though history reveals that far more whites are involved with drugs in the state of Maryland, 90% of those in the system for drug offenses are black compared to 7% that are white.

Which, as a 52 year old gay black man who for more than 40 years has practiced integration ... I know a great deal about. And have spoken, extensively, on in my writings.

On 24 September, Zeese was endorsed by the Baltimore Times as the best candidate for Afro-Americans.

Tomorrow night, 26 September 2006, the Unity Convention of the Zeese For Senate Campaign will feature representatives of the three parties that nominated him, Green, Populists, Libertarians as well as Democrats, Republicans and Independents who support him. There will be speakers who work for the issues Zeese is advocating -- Peace, Justice, Democracy and Prosperity. The event is being held at the University of Baltimore, 1420 Maryland Ave. at 7 PM.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Photog Frank Stefanko's Patti Smith: American Artist

Patti Smith was a favorite subject for photographer Frank Stefanko back in their college years. "Patti had jet-black hair and pale blue eyes that could see right through you. When I visited New York, I started photographing Patti; I was captivated by her look...tall, thin, with porcelain skin, sharp features, and those piercing eyes. With me, in terms of portraits, it's always the eyes first, and then the rest of the face comes into view." In his book Patti Smith: American Artist Frank Stefanko introduces a Patti Smith the world has never before seen.

According to the 24 September 2006 Washington Post Sunday Source and in conjunction with the release of Stefanko's book an opening reception from 6 - 9 pm will be heldon Friday evening, 29 September 2006, at the Govinda Gallery in Georgetown for the Frank Stefanko's Patti Smith: American Artist exhibition which will run through 28 October 2006.