Wednesday, September 27, 2006

John Kiser from Rizik's says "Flip-flops belong at the beach ..."

I have photographed the window displays of Rizik's since January 1992 which was shortly after I received a Minolta as a Christmas gift in December 1991. And have admired Rizik's window displays long before. I would first observe and photograph John Kiser on 20 December 1993 when he and an assistant were in the process of dressing Rizik's window. Though I did not ask his name at the time when I'd happen upon him some months or years later dressing the windows at Rizik's having already noticed me, in the past, he'd introduce himself, saying that he also had a few clients in Baltimore.

On Tuesday afternoon, 26 September, in connection with my In the Fall of the Year 2006 Project I'd take to the streets and as I have done each fall since 1992 I'd record the window display situated at Rizik's south side. And just as I'd turn to head north on Connecticut Avenue to capture the window displays at The Gap I'd observe John Kiser standing at the front entrance of Rizik's at the store's northwest side.

When I inquired if I may take a few photos of him for posting to my blog, remembering me from over the years, he said yes. During which time I'd conduct a brief interview.

John Kiser was born in Kentucky and has worked in the window display industry for more than 28 years. At first in Huntington Kentucky before relocating to the Washington DC area which for more than 25 years he has dressed the windows at Rizik's.

As Rizik's Advertising and Visual Director Mr. Kiser no longer does work in Baltimore. At least, not on a regular basis but, may in the case of a special event.

"Flip-flops belong at the beach or a backyard barbecue," was John Kiser's reaction four members of the Northwestern University's championship women's lacrosse team showed up for a White House meeting with President Bush wearing flip-flops, in July 2005.

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