Friday, December 28, 2007

Russell Richards 2008 Wall Calendar 'Limited Edition' available for only two more weeks

The limited edition of "The Art of Russell U. Richards" 2008 Wall Calendar featuring 12 months of inspiring artwork suitable for all ages, which he presented as gifts during this holiday season, will be available for only two more weeks from Russell U. Richards store at Cafe Press.

Click the image to order the limited edition 2008 calendar. Other products featuring "The Art of Russell U. Richards", including T-shirts and posters can be found at his Cafe Press Shop.

To learn more about Russell U. Richards visit his webiste at "The Art of Russell U. Richards.

Friday's Photo of the Week . 28 December 2007

in front of 14 U Cafe . 1939 14th Street, NW, WDC
Saturday afternoon, 22 December 2007

Showtime's "Holy Shit! Promo

By itself, such a promo would be unremarkable, given the R-rated content of so many Showtime skeins and movies. But the [HOLY SHIT] ad -- spearheaded by Showtime execs Frank Pintauro and Angie Speranza -- doesn't stop there.

The montage is set to the Centralia song "Holy Shit," which includes lyrics such as "I've been such an asshole/I've been such a prick" and "Holy, holy shit/We've got the world by the tit."

Read full VARIETY article, dated 17 August 2007, by Josef Adalian.

Click image to view YouTube video.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

National Marathon Registration Reminder - Rates Increase After 31 December

A "Timely" Reminder

National Marathon and Half Marathon registration rates increase at the 1st of the new year. Be sure to take advantage of the last days of 2007 for the current race rate of $85 for the marathon and $70 for the half.

[Effective] January 1, prices increase by $10 in each category.
Get ready to run your personal best, sign up to run for your cause, or get a head start on your New Year's Resolution.

Here in DC, Everybody's Running for Something.


The above photo by Elvert Barnes was taken at 8:01 am on the 7th Street Bridge in SW between E and H Streets, SW, WDC on 24 March 2007 during the 2nd Annual National Marathon.

Corcoran End of Year 'Annual Fund' Request

A Message / Request from Paul Greenhalgh, Director and President, of the Corcoran Gallery Art / College of Art + Design

As I sit here, adjacent to the crowds queuing to get into our gallery, I realize that the lively bustle of the crowd in the atrium is giving all of my colleagues a new sense of optimism and pride in the Corcoran.

The galleries are looking very sharply designed; the building looks cleaner and grander by the day; the ranks of our membership are swelling to a new size; we are approaching our education and outreach activity with new-found confidence and vigor. We are arriving in a good place.

Your commitment to the Annual Fund is vital. This fund is the foundation of all we do. It enables us to install world class exhibitions, expand the college by offering new degree programs and scholarships, repair and restore our National Historic Landmark Building, and support our community outreach programs.

We all know that the coming period is absolutely key for the future. We are only beginning the journey that will take the Corcoran to places it has not been for a hundred years. We will make the coming year into one of the best in our recent history.

Make your 100% tax-deductible gift to the Corcoran Annual Fund by December 31.

Thank you and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year.

Paul Greenhalgh
Director and President

Taken at the Corcoran on 2 June 2006 of John Fulton who was visiting WDC from South Boston VA, click the above image to view my ongoing Corcoran photoset and 17th Street, NW, collection.

Monday, December 24, 2007

2007 Deadly Year for Police

According to data and analysis provided by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, 2007 is turning out to be one of the deadliest years in decades for police.

Recently, ABC's World News with Charles Gibson ran a two-part series that took an in-depth look at the growing dangers faced by police and what's being done about them.

Part 1 of the series which was entitled Officer Down: 2007 Deadly Year for Police and here is part 2, Increasing Assault Weapons in Criminal Hands.

Click the Christmas Eve, 24 December 2007 image by Elvert Barnes to view USPP 2007 and Cop Duty 2007 photo sets.

View Horseback USPP "Merry Christmas" Wish video here.