Friday, August 08, 2008

The Summer Sizzles with the August / September 2008 issue of JustCircuit.MAG!

When I picked up my mail the other night from my mailbox and opened a package from I was not only delighted to see the August / September 2008 issue of JustCircuit.MAG but, also a promo cd of DJ Miik Martorell's ONE AMAZING WEEKEND 2007.

Which is actually the third of three promotional cds that Publisher Victor Mauro and Editor Shane Rogers have sent me with print copies of the JustCircuit.MAG. The first two were DJ Max Rodriguez's PRIDE '07 (available at Centaur Music) and DJ Miik Martorell's THE WHITE PARTY 2006.

So, just before I began reading the August / September 2008 "Summer Still Sizzles" Just Circuit.MAG issue I put the DJ Miik's ONE AMAZING WEEKEND in my TV cd player.

Not only does the August / September 2008 JustCircuit.MAG issue sizzle but so does DJ Miik's ONE AMAZING WEEKEND mix.

After reading Victor Mauro's "Ultra Talent: Ultra Nate" and Sofonda Peters' Gossip feature I could not put the issue down. Peters can 'bitch' like no other. You certainly don't want her to catch you in the act of 'not being good'. Just ask Tony Hayden!

Other articles that I've read are "From Sea to Shining Sea" by Mickey Weem which shared an unique perspective on beach parties and the Circuit industry.

And as one who for many years frequented Fire Island, I found "Destination - Fire Island" by Jon Erickson to be one of most informative and best articles that I've read in a long time about the "colorful history of Fire Island".

Just Circuit Music Editor Joey Benitez's "Undeniably Amazing Experience" article reflecting on his experience during the ONE MIGHTY WEEKEND had me smiling and laughing because not only am one to appreciate and enjoy the music and dancing that only gay cirucit parties can provide but, like Benitez, rides at these kind of events are of no interest to me. I go there to dance. And, to party!

Joshua Kater's "Focus on Sin Morera" was also very informative and shed light on the imnportance that Morera's grandmother Maria influence had in Morera's careeer as a DJ. These kind of stories are so important to tell.

And though I have not yet finished reading Dr. Mark Martin's "Prisoner At Sea" Scibbled Notes Aboard A Straight Cruise" as one who journalizes and scripples but have not intention of ever embarking on a straight cruise I have not yet stop laughing ...

And the various photo essays of circuit parties and gay pride celebrations in addition to the August through December 2008 calendar in the August/September 2008 issue continues to make JustCircuit.Mag as one the best and certainly most progressive cirucit publications around.

And DJ's Miik's ONE AMAZING WEEKEND 2007 is one the best circuit mixes that I've heard in a long time.

To learn more about DJ Miik Martorell visit his site at MySpace.

Though always available FREE ONLINE, to have your copies delivered right to your door, and receive a free Centaur Music CD valued at $20, CLICK HERE.

In July 2008, after 10 years, changed its appearance, added new features and created a more interactive website. Be sure to check out the new website.

Madison Livelystones Band - Dupont Circle South - Monday Night, 4 August 2008

The 1350 Connecticut Avenue Complex at Dupont Circle South was jamming last Monday night when during my Dog Nights of Summer 2008 series that I captured the Madison Livelystones Band performing for people.

Just so you know, each individual United House of Prayer for All People Church has its own New Orleans style band as discussed in my July 2007 post. The Madison Livelystones Band, under the direction of John R. Walker, Jr, is from the UHOP at 601 M Street in NW WDC.

Here are the five videos that I shot from the Monday, 3 August 2008 event:

Friday's Photo of the Week - 8 August 2008

Mandu Restaurant . 1805 18th Street, NW, WDC
Sunday afternoon, 3 August 2008

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Last Sunday at Malcolm X. Park Drum & Dance Circle

Not having been to the Sunday Drum and Dance Circle at Malcolm X. Park since Sunday, 4 May 2008 I was so looking forward to the occasion.

I started last Sunday with an omelett and spam sandwich that I fixed at the apartment before heading to the Best Buy at the DCUSA Columbia Heights Shopping Mall to purchase a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner.

On my way there and back I took pictures and shot footage in connection with my WMATA "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" series. Including this clip of 3 guys who I met on the Green Line when I was returning to SW with the Dirt Devil.

After dropping the Dirt Devil at my apartment in SW, I'd quickly head back out to the Waterfront - SEU Station and take the subway to Dupont Circle.

When en route to Malcolm X. Park that I passed through Dupont Circle I inquired of Maestro Darrold Hunt if he cared to accompany me to Malcolm X. Park for the Sunday Drum and Dance Circle. In the midst of rehearsing for an upcoming concert, he declined.

As I walked up Connecticut Avenue to R Street, across R to 18th, up 18th to U, across U to 16th and up 16th Street ... taking pictures along the way ... I was so longing forward to the Drum and Dance Circle at Malcolm X. Park.

As I entered the lower level formal garden from the corner of 16th and W Street I observed a group of Capoeira Angola performers across the garden near the 15th and W Street entrance. In the past I had observed them on the upper level ... just yards from the Drum and Dance Circle which, in the past, had been staged at the level corner of the upper level.

As I ascended the stairway and water fountain cascade to the upper level ... nothing could have prepared me for what I was yet to come.

Not only where two different groups of drummers and dancers at opposite sides of the upper level but, in the field there were slackropers on the left, jump ropers on the right and families of soccer player and frisbee throwers in the center.

I spent the next two or more hours going back and forth, in between and from side to side ... capturing the Sunday 3 August 2008 Drum & Dance Circle in Malcolm X, Park.

When departing shortly after 6:30 pm that I descended down the fountain cascade and stairway to the lower level garden on the 15th Street side, I remembered when arriving at the May 2008 session that I ran into a white lady who was in town from Minnesota and who, apparently, had happened upon the event just by chance.

Having witnessed it for several hours, saying that though she did not want to leave ... the experience was just "so exhausting ... yet exhilirating!"

Which is exactly how I felt after my visit to the Sunday 3 August 2008 Malcolm X. Park Drum & Dance. "Exhilirated but exhausted!"

Here are the 15 video chips that I shot.

While there are several more photos to upload there is the Malcolm X. Park Drum & Dance Circle - Sunday, 3 August 2008 photo album.

Exhausted. But, exhilirated!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Urban Philharmonic Society Presents "Mozart's Jupiter Symphony" Concert a the Imani Temple / Capitol Hill on Sunday, 17 August 2008

click image for details

Maestro Darrold Hunt prepares for Urban Philharmonic Society's 17 August performance of "Mozart's Jupiter Symphony" at Imami Temple on Capitol Hill

When en route to the Drum & Dance Circle at Malcolm X. Park on Sunday afternoon, 3 August 2008, that I passed through Dupont Circle, I had the pleasure of capturing Maestro Darrold Hunt who as the founder and conductor of the Urban Philharmonic Society was rehearsing for the Sunday, 17 August 2008 performance of "Mozart's Jupiter Symphony".

While I have observed Mr. Hunt for over 30 years since we travel in some of the same circles it was not until I began to photograph in Dupont Circle beginning in 1992 that I became more familar with him.

It was in connection with my ongoing People in Dupont Circle Project which was launched in October 2006 that when passing through Dupont Circle on Sunday I snapped more than a few photos of Darrold Hunt, focusing mostly on his hands. It was during this time that he handed me a flyer pertaining to the Sunday, 17 August 2008 Urban Philharmonic Society "Mozart's Jupiter Symphony" event.

A graduate in conducting of the Juilliard School of Music, Maestro Hunt served for four years as Assistant Conductor of the Baltimore Symphony and three years as the conductor/music director of the Conservatory Orchestra at the Brooklyn College School of Performing Arts.

He has been guest conductor of the National Symphony, The Detroit Symphony, The Pensacola Symphony and many others, as well.

Since its founding in 1970 the Urban Philharmonic Society has proven to be one of the most exciting new ventures in the symphonic field. After graduating the Juilliard School, Maestro Hunt embarked on creating a musical institution which had as its primary commitment the presentation of programs of musical excellence to those areas of the urban community which for social and/or political reasons have not enjoyed live professional orchestral concerts as a part of their lives.

To learn more about Maestro Darrold Hunt and the Urban Philharmonic Society visit the website.

Tickets for the 17 August 2008 "Mozart's Jupiter Symphony" Concert at the Imani Temple on Capitol Hill can be purchased here.

General Admissionis at $25. Students & Seniors at $20. On-line tickets are $20. The event will take place at 4 pm on Sunday, 17 August 2008 at the IMANI TEMPLE ON CAPITOL HILL at 609 Maryland Avenue, NE, Washington DC.

Click the above image to view my ongoing Maestro Darrold Hunt (People / Dupont Circle) photo set.

WHITE PARTY this Saturday at C9 in REHOBOTH features DJ Jason Horswill

click image for details

DJ Tony Moran to spin at TOWN's first RED PARTY this Saturday

This Saturday, 9 August 2008, many party-goers will be decked out in red as TOWN BOUTIQUE holds MOULIN ROUGE, its first Red Party.

Featuring the music of DJ Tony Moran, dance production performances by X-Faction Dance Company, an airbrush-tattoo artist to decorate your body, and downstairs music by BacK2bACk ... doors will open at 9 pm.

$12 from 9 -11 pm and $15 after 11 pm.

For more details visit TOWN's E-News dated Monday, 4 August 2008.

Image of Tony Moran by Elvert Barnes is from the March 2007 Winter Party Festival's Beach Party.