Friday, August 08, 2008

The Summer Sizzles with the August / September 2008 issue of JustCircuit.MAG!

When I picked up my mail the other night from my mailbox and opened a package from I was not only delighted to see the August / September 2008 issue of JustCircuit.MAG but, also a promo cd of DJ Miik Martorell's ONE AMAZING WEEKEND 2007.

Which is actually the third of three promotional cds that Publisher Victor Mauro and Editor Shane Rogers have sent me with print copies of the JustCircuit.MAG. The first two were DJ Max Rodriguez's PRIDE '07 (available at Centaur Music) and DJ Miik Martorell's THE WHITE PARTY 2006.

So, just before I began reading the August / September 2008 "Summer Still Sizzles" Just Circuit.MAG issue I put the DJ Miik's ONE AMAZING WEEKEND in my TV cd player.

Not only does the August / September 2008 JustCircuit.MAG issue sizzle but so does DJ Miik's ONE AMAZING WEEKEND mix.

After reading Victor Mauro's "Ultra Talent: Ultra Nate" and Sofonda Peters' Gossip feature I could not put the issue down. Peters can 'bitch' like no other. You certainly don't want her to catch you in the act of 'not being good'. Just ask Tony Hayden!

Other articles that I've read are "From Sea to Shining Sea" by Mickey Weem which shared an unique perspective on beach parties and the Circuit industry.

And as one who for many years frequented Fire Island, I found "Destination - Fire Island" by Jon Erickson to be one of most informative and best articles that I've read in a long time about the "colorful history of Fire Island".

Just Circuit Music Editor Joey Benitez's "Undeniably Amazing Experience" article reflecting on his experience during the ONE MIGHTY WEEKEND had me smiling and laughing because not only am one to appreciate and enjoy the music and dancing that only gay cirucit parties can provide but, like Benitez, rides at these kind of events are of no interest to me. I go there to dance. And, to party!

Joshua Kater's "Focus on Sin Morera" was also very informative and shed light on the imnportance that Morera's grandmother Maria influence had in Morera's careeer as a DJ. These kind of stories are so important to tell.

And though I have not yet finished reading Dr. Mark Martin's "Prisoner At Sea" Scibbled Notes Aboard A Straight Cruise" as one who journalizes and scripples but have not intention of ever embarking on a straight cruise I have not yet stop laughing ...

And the various photo essays of circuit parties and gay pride celebrations in addition to the August through December 2008 calendar in the August/September 2008 issue continues to make JustCircuit.Mag as one the best and certainly most progressive cirucit publications around.

And DJ's Miik's ONE AMAZING WEEKEND 2007 is one the best circuit mixes that I've heard in a long time.

To learn more about DJ Miik Martorell visit his site at MySpace.

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