Thursday, June 21, 2007

Daniel, Strummin' His Fingers in Dupont Circle

I began my STREET LIFE / STREET MUSICIANS video-interview documentary project on Wednesday evening, 20 June 2007 when I happened upon Daniel in Dupont Circle.

Focusing on homeless subjects who are also street musicians each interview will shed light on the individual's personal story. Or, in some cases, serve as a means by which the subject may express his/her views regarding a particular matter(s) of his/her day.

Eventually, images that I have taken, over the years, of the homeless as well as video-interview clips from my newly launched STREET LIFE / STREET MUSICIANS series will be included in a provocative "Homelessness in America - Street Life" exhibition / installation.

Daniel was sitting on the north side of Dupont Circle when I approached him inquiring if I may conduct a brief video-interview of him while he played his guitar. And explained further that the resulting video would be uploaded to the internet as part of an ongoing STREET LIFE / STREET MUSICIANS project.

Here is the video which includes the following text:

STREET LIFE/STREET MUSICIANS video-interview series: 52 going on 53, born in England, Daniel moved to PG County MD in 1965 with his family. After a discharge from the Army he returned to PG County. His music reflects the 60's but, without a 'pick' on this particular day and for the sake of this video-interview Daniel is, simply, "strummin' his fingers" ...

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Video is at You Tube.

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