Sunday, April 29, 2007

Call for Contributions for Qr Issue 2, "Discoteq"

Introducing Qr Magazine - the new monthly magazine by and for young gay men - that unapologetically spotlights the flourishing and diverse life of all young gay males with honest, shocking and sexy content, Qr Issue 1, "Outsider" will be on newsstands soon.

You can see first sample issue online at

In the meantine, they' ve started working on Issue 2, "Discoteq".

Nightlife has been, and continues to be, a key component to gay life. Hooking up on the dancefloor, feeling liberated with friends on a Friday night, being at the forefront of music and drug culture, we look at the past, the present and the future of the gay scene. No glowsticks but maybe a few go-go boys. This is Qr's "Discoteq".

At the moment they're on the lookout for articles that celebrate and examine the above theme. Some ideas:

1. What was your first time in a bar/club like?
2. Have you had a magical dancefloor moment?
3. What was your wildest college party like?
4. Why do you hate the gay scene/gay clubs?
5. What’s the sleaziest thing you’ve seen in a club?

If you have any more ideas then feel free to share. Remember, contributions need to be sent via

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Eric said...

Thanks -- and keep it Qr! :-P