Friday, April 27, 2007

Genesis D.C. reopens at Club Lime, former Pier 9, on Wednesdays as city’s newest college night!

Since last year’s closing of the warehouse clubs in Southeast Washington, gay clubbers have been bereft of any long-standing, large dance nights. Genesis D.C., a weekly party that was held at the Edge/Wet in Southeast, will be restarting on Wednesday nights at Club Lime in an attempt to fill the gap.

A college night, similar to Thursdays at Apex,
Genesis will be free to those 18 and older with a college I.D. and $5 for everyone else. Though the night is geared toward students, the promoters say that the general gay public is also welcome.

Excerpted from Washington Blade "LOCAL LIFE: Higher education" article by
ZACK ROSEN dated Friday, April 27, 2007.

My days at what for the past few years has been known as the Club Lime date back to fall of 1972 when close friend Tom Wiley introduced me to the Pier 9. One year later, I introduced Pier 9 to Frank Gramarossa, my new best friend and college mate who I often refer to as my soul mate.

I wonder if young black males will experience the same racism, in 2007, at Genesis' Wednesday nights at Club Lime as I did in the 70's when white friends and I visited the Pier 9. Or the Lost and Found.

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