Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Pedestrian Traffic 2007

Since the first snow of December 2005 I have sought to capture pedestrian traffic in the downtown area of WDC. Last summer I'd delve more into not only pedestrian but also vehicular traffic photography studies in various but select areas of the city And then in the fall of 2006 I'd launch a rush hour traffic project.

When reflecting on my photography over the past 15 years I grow increasingly aware of the maturation and historic importance of my body of work.

In order for one to progress forward one most know the truth regarding his past.

Since my visit to Fort Lauderdale just before and over Thanksgiving 2006 not a moment nor second has gone by that I have not reflected on "Absolutely, Nothing!".

Which is a yet to be completed essay that I would began writing on Friday afternoon, 17 November that sheds light on the defining moment when I'd come to realize that during the course of enitire life the relationships that others had shjared with me ... a black male ... had been based on lies and rooted in untruths.

Lies and untruths that always yielded me 'absolutely, nothing!

Since 1992, it has only been through the integration of my photography with my writings that I have been able to verbalize these unspoken truths. In order to progress forwar, it is impertative that one knows the truth about his/her past.

Click photo to view my Pedestrian Traffic 2007 photo project.

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