Monday, January 22, 2007

Alpersteins Furniture / Mount Vernon Square

Alperstein Furniture has been in the District since 1904. They have good service and the furniture prices are in line with other local area furniture stores. They provide furniture for offices and residential homes and they even rent furniture. They even have a good selection of recreational furniture such as patio sets and outdoor play sets. (See Insider Pages).

Though I had observed it many times before I become more familiar with Alpersteins as well as other businesses and properties in the area when in February 1982 that I would relocate back to WDC, from NYC, and purchase 449 Ridge Street from Roger Tiemann.

In October 2005 I would learn that this area is known as Mount Vernon Square which in 2007 I hope to explore more. In my 9 July 2006 blog posting I shed light on my perspective of the history of the 7th Street and 14th Street furniture store districts.

Though, similar to my Reincarnations Home Furnishings project, at least, from a photographic point of view, Alpersteins which has been at the same location since 1904 has a much richer history. Click photo which may also be viewed at Insider's Page.

Alperstein's is located at 1015 7th Street between K and L Streets in NW WDC. Contact by telephone at 202-783-0100 or email

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