Sunday, July 09, 2006

Windows . 14th Street . Logan Circle . WDC

Reincarnations . 1401 14th Street, NW . WDC . 9 June 2006 night

For as long as I can remember I've always had an interest in store window displays. In recent months I've created several ongoing documentary projects that will bring attention to the commercial windows in various neighborhoods and/or that will capture windows of a particular commercial strip.

This aspect of the Windows Project would actually began in 1993 when I would photograph the windows of Dupont Circle North, along Connecticut Avenue between Dupont Circle and Florida Avenue. When on New Years Day, 1 Januaray 2006, that I would photograph the commercial windows in the Chinatown and then Logan Circle areas I would reflect on the fact 7th Street in Chinatown and 14th Street in Logan Circle both shared a common, yet, distinctively different history in that they both, at one time, where known as Home Furnishing Districts. 14th Street still is.

With furnisher stores such as Marlos and Hub those on 7th Street were marketed more to the masses. Whereas, those along 14th Street tended to be more upscale and/or served antique dealers and collectable enthusiants. Though home furnisher stores once spanned along 7th Street from D Street in the Penn Quarter area to M Street in Shaw none of those stores now exist. Nor are there any furnisher stores along what once was the 7th Street Home Furnishing District.

However, the 14th Street Home Furnishing District is thriving and, perhaps, is one of the most successful independent home furnishing districts in Washington DC.

The Logan Circle Windows Project, at this time, includes three distinct foci. They are the 14th Home Furnishing District, Windows on 14th Street, and 14th Street Art Corridor.

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