Thursday, July 13, 2006

Day 10 . Troops Home Fast Hunger Strike @ The White House

On Thursday afternoon, 13 July 2006, which represents the 10th day of the Troops Home Fast Hunger Strike when en route to the Corcoran's Member Preview Day I'd pass through Lafayette Park which is across the street from The White House and would take a few pictures of the participating individuals. During which time Diane Wilson, on her 10th day, was in the process of an interview. Anne Wright who is from Honolulu Hawaii also on her 10th day, and a member of Veterans For Peace was reading the New York Times. From Portland Oregon, Martha Odom, also on her 10th day was doing the cross word puzzle.

Though Geoff Millard began his fast on 4 July, due to medical reasons he, on the 5th day, had to stop fasting, at least for a few days. In the meantime, he has traveled to other US cities and Toronto bringing attention to the Troops Home Fast Hunger Strike. He plans to resume a rolling fast as soon as his medical situation permits. Jesse Dyen, a Code Pink supporter from Oakland California who began on 4 July has also been fasting for 10 days. Dana Bell, a staff person from Code Pink was also amongst the group. She, however, has not yet participated in the rolling fast but may will do so in the future.

Though the website's indicates that one may join the White House Hunger Strike through 21 September it also states that this particular vigil, lasting until 15 August, will move to Camp Casey in Crawford, Texas on 16 August 2006. When visiting the vigil again I will ask for clarification. I can only presume that while the White House vigil may will remain, indefinately, Diane Wilson will relocate her public vigil to Texas on 16 August.

On Day 9, which was Wednesday, 12 July, 3786 people were engaging in solidarity fasts around the nation and in 22 other countries. Two blogs that are journalizing to the Hunger Strike are Wilson Watch and Lovolution.

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