Friday, July 14, 2006

Happy 66th Birthday Ronny

Ronny, who is Chief Engineer of 1350 Connecticut Avenue, in NW, celebrates his 66th birthday today. Moments before this picture was taken Mark Francis Nickens, the solo guitarist, had begun his Friday evening session with his own rendition of "Happy Birthday, Ronny ...!" .

I walked over to Ronny and wished him a Happy Birthday! He said "It's my 66th!". I asked if I could take a few photos of him, in celebrataion of his birthday. He said yes. During which time he informed me that he is Chief Engineer at 1350 Connecticut Avenue. Though I did not say it to him then, 1350 Connecticut Avenue, which I refer to as the Triangle Building is amongst the buidings in WDC that I have more than just a passing interest in and have photographed many times before as part of my ongoing Cityscape, Architectural and Industrial Photography Project. In fact, having heard from a friend whose dentist's office in the building that the some of the floors have historical photographs depicting Dupont Circle from years ago, on one occasion I stopped in at the front desk to inquire if I may go upstairs to see the historical photographs and, perhaps, take some aerial pictures of the cityscape from various vantage points in the building. Several of my Triangle Building photos have been featured at architectural or historical sites, including the Historic Dupont Circle Main Streets.

When he said that was from and lives in 'Calvert County' I'd say that I am originally from St. Mary's County. To which he would reply that he knows St. Marys' faily well and that he would be heading down that direction soon to do some fishing. I'd say that I'm not one for fishing.

I'd walk away, planning to take a few photos of Mark and then decided to go back over to Ronny and would then mention to him that, as a documentary photographer, one of my architectural themes, is 1350 Connecticut Avenue and that as recent as a month ago I had inquired at the front desk who I should contact to gain access to some of the higher floors for the purpose of photographing the interior as wells as the Washington DC from various windows in the building. He said that he has known others to have it before but that he would check with management and should we meet again he would then let me know who I should contact.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RONNY! And may you have many more.

Dupont Circle South Station . Between Connecticut Avenue and 19th Street, NW . WDC . Friday evening, 14 July 2006 . Elvert Xavier Barnes Photography

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