Monday, July 10, 2006

DC Soccer fans celebrate Italian win at 2006 World Cup

Out taking pictures yesterday evening, during my ritual Sunday Photo Walk, when passing through the Logan Circle area I'd hear shouts and cheers coming from my left that, at first, I could not figure out, from what direction the cheers were coming. Heading south on 14th Street, just north of Rhode Island Avenue I'd observe folks at the Caribou Cafe waving at an approaching vehicle that was heading west along Rhode Island Avenue. It was then that I'd realize that the cheers were coming from a car containing several young men that were heading west, along Rhode Island Avenue, celebrating something that I had no idea what they were celebrating. All I saw, of the passing car, were hands and torsos extending from the four windows. And as it crossed 14th Street, at least six extended arms with attached hands would beat onto the roottop.
By the time that I had positioned myself to snap pictures, the car and shouting and cheering young men had passed through.
Continuing my photo walk down 14th Street, I'd pass through Thomas Circle and when I'd reach the traffic light at 14th and K Streets, across from Franklin Square, I'd hear cheers and shouts from my right. At a closer inspection I'd observe three of four cars, heading east, each with several people hanging out of their windows, or standing up in their convertable and in the case of one .... heads and waving hands sticking up through the opening of their sunroof.
This time, I would snap several photos. Not a sports fan, I still had no idea what 'all the fuzz was about' but thought that it may have something to do with a soccer game at the Washington RFK Stadium. I'd continued with my photowalk and in the process would spend an hour or so capturing the Zabava orchestrate an Ukrainian Dance Party at the 2006 Smithsonian Folklife Festival on the National Mall.
It would not be until this morning, when listening to the TV news that I'd realize that the cheering fans that I'd happen up yesterday evening were soccer fans celebrating the Italian win at the 2006 World Cup.

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