Sunday, January 21, 2007

Happy 4th anniversary to Jacqueline Dupree of JD Land

It was on January 19, 2003 (a beautifully clear but cold day) that Jacqueline Dupree made Mr. JD drive her around Near Southeast during which time she would proceed to shoot a bunch of pictures through the passenger window. And would shortly, thereafter, post to the web to show the two or three people who visited JDLand.

Little did they know that that their little excursion would metamorphosis as one of the most important historic documentations of the city, the Near Southeast DC Redevelopment web site.

Though I had not heard of Ms Dupree nor JD Land when I would commence my documentation of the area of in November 2004. Since my return to the area in January 2005, it has been the work of Jacqueline Dupree at JD Land that I look to when posting accurate information to the web regarding my very own, "Old - New" Near Southeast DC Redevelopment historic images and ongoing documentary project.

Congratulations Jacqueline Dupree ... for a job well done! And, I'm looking forward to the day, that our paths cross!

Click above January 2003 photo by Jacqueline Dupree to view a photo gallery featuring historic images of buildings and properties that have been demolished in the Near Southeast DC area since 2003.

You, GO ... GIRL!

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