Monday, July 17, 2006

HINT ... of what is yet to come!

Shortly after arriving in Dupont Circle on Sunday afternoon, 16 July 2006, I'd observe a group of four black teens preparing to rehearse their dance moves. They were at the center of The Circle, on the south side of the fountain. It is not often that you'll find black teens dancing at the Dupont Circle fountain.

Brent walked over to a boom box and clicked the music on. And as they danced I would photograph them from a distance. The problem that I was having, however, was that the sun, so hot and bright, was reflecting the white marble back on the camera. The thermometer on the Sun Trust Bank clock fluctuated between 100 and 102 degrees.

After a few minutes, I'd walk over and introduce myself, take a few more photographs, and hand them my card. When asking them if they had yet a name for their group, they said that they had not. After some discussion amongst themselves, they said call us HINT. When I asked what was the significance of HINT Lexc would say "We give ... just a hint .... of what is yet to come!

I'd ask them for their first names only. The two females are Lexc and Donna and the two males are Brent and Kyle. They from different areas of Washington DC

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