Friday, July 21, 2006

21 July 2006 Friday's Photo of the Week

Men Working on the Road ... At Night!

This photo of Men Working on the Road at Night was taken on Thursday night, 20 July 2006, just south Thomas Circle on 14th Street. Having heard the music of DJ Roo on last Sunday evening, at the Green Lantern, I made it a point to stop in at the Green Lantern last night to hear DJ Roo play his Thursday night set. I'd leave my apartment shortly after 7:30 pm, for the expressed purpose of later in the evening, dropping in at the Green Lantern and while out I made sure to take along with me the 19 July 2006 IRAN: STOP KILLING GAYS photo cd which I dropped off at Lambda Rising for pickup by Rob Anderson. When leaving my apartment I thought that I may would eat out somewhere since I figured that the dj would not get started until perhaps after 9 or close to 10.

En route to Lambda Rising to drop off the photo cd, I'd pass through Dupont Circle where I'd try my hand at some evening shots, utilizing different settings in the two cameras. While there I'd run into Richard Thompson who I must say I have taken a liken to. Not, necessarily, in a sexual way but, simply, because I've seen and known of him for so many years. And he is the kind of straight white man that I've always found easy to get along with. And, it is for that reason that, in recent months, I've made it a point to capture and document him, not only in my Dupont Circle project but also with hopes of including him in my soon to be launched "Straight White Men" Documentary Project.

Afer taking only a few pictures in Dupont Circle I'd head to Lambda Rising and drop off the photo cd with the cashier, for pickup by Rob. Continuing on my Night journey I'd walk along Q Street to 17th Street. down 17th to P, across P to 14th and down 14th Street to Thomas Circle, taking pictures along the way.

It was at Thomas Circle that I'd begin my now newly launched series Men At Work ... Working On The Road ... At Night! which is where and when this photo was taken.

Afterwards, I'd head over to the Green Lantern where at the entrance stood several men from the Nitro SoftballTeam who asked for donatioions for their August trip to Fort Launderdale.

I'd pulll some money from my wallet, asking if they knew Richard Dertadian, who once played on the WDC teams but now lives in Fort Lauderdale. They said yes and, as a result I'd take two pictures of two of them which I'm not too pleased with. I was rushing and they were busy so I did not have the time to adjust the camera to its proper settings.

I'd walk inside, show my id, order a bottle of water, set on the side and "let the music play!" I went there, specifically, to hear the music of DJ ROO. And, I must say, the man is hot. The joint was jumpin! I was reminded in the 80's when I lived in NYC that Frank and I would walk down the street from where we lived in Chelsea to listen to Jim Johnson dj at the NY Eagle or CT at the Spike. And maybe to find a trick.

I've said this before, and I'm gonna say it again, "As a 52 year black man, I don't like the way that gay white men react to or treat me. Especially, in bars or at circuit events.

Who died and made white men my God? Let me explain further.

On the walk down 14th Street, in the Logan Circle, I'd pass a black and white couple, two men, walking south. I'd run inside of Popeyes to take a piss and order a large Sprite. I'd take a piss first and then stand in line to order my soda. While in line I'd observe 'an acquaintance' from a few years back who, a white man, on several occasions had approached about crack. As had many white men, over the years, approached me about drugs in homes, alongs streets, in bars and clubs and at circuit events ... that I am no longer allowed in ... unless they call me an addict. And just as I was a drug dealer then I am not a drug addict now.

It's been my experience, as a black man, that when whites approach me drugs they mean me harm which I would write about in my 22 September 2001 photoessay pertaining this exact same white man that had approached me on P Street asking me about crack.

It was also at the Green Lantern, a few mintues later, that I'd observe a white guy named Jeff who years ago, ritualistically, would approach me about drugs at the DC Eagle. And when Jeff, some 20 years ago, approached me about drugs at the DC Eagle he, along with the other white men who approached me about drugs, meant me harm. And now but more than 20 years later, I've observed him, during the exact same thing to other black men that he tried to do me.

Who in the @#$* died ... and made Jeff my God?

The joint was jumpin! The music was hot! I can't wait to hear news of DJ Roo 's next circuit gig. I'm hoping to include DJ ROO in my ongoing DJ series.

In closing, flickrite Trishlet comments that the above Men Working On The Road At Night photo is "like a dj working the tables. with the dust rising, his focus and intensity, that was my first thought.great capture."

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