Saturday, July 22, 2006

Carroll Square . F Street . East End WDC

Located at 975 F Street, Carroll Square, is in the heart of the resurgence of the East End. The 12-story trophy-class project will create unique office and retail opportunities by incorporating seven historic houses into the design. The boutique project also offers an art gallery and subsidized studios for artists. The approximately 165, 500 square foot project will be home to the Washington office of International law firm, Dewey Ballantine and is now under construction.

Since the fall of 1972 I have photographed F Street, in downtown DC. It was then that as a Great Mills High School senior and class president I would travel from Southern MD to visit Tom Wiley in College Park. And along with other friends including Tom Ocfemia and Allen Aud we'd frequent gay bars in the city. Located on 9th Street, several of the bars, were within walking distance of F Street which even then was a bustling shopping street.

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