Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Artist David Combs painting in front of the Chelsea Hotel

Arriving at Port Authority in New York City shortly before 2:45 PM via the Peter Pan Bus Lines on Friday afternoon, 31 August 2007 Richard and I would taxi down 9th Avenue to Chelsea and check in at the Chelsea Savoy Hotel on West 23rd before picking up keys from Lothar on West 20th.

En route to Lothar's we observed an artist adorned in a black leather cowboy hat painting on West 23rd Street in front of the Hotel Chelsea which is just doors west of the Chelsea Savoy. Saying that I was in town from WDC and that one of my ongoing themes was street artists I inquired if I could photograph him.

When during our photo-interview that I learned that David Combs resides at the Hotel Chelsea I informed him that Ed Hamilton of the Living With Legends: Hotel Chelsea Blog and I are fellow blogists. And that when I got back to DC I would send links to Ed of the images that I took of him.

In addition to David's website and myspace blog when searching the internet I found the following pertaining to artist David Combs.

1. MySpaceTV: Chelsea Hotel Lobby #5: Day One by David Combs
2. What is the Hotel Chelsea?
3. The Connected Traveler - The Chelsea Hotel: Topsy Turvy in New York
4. Living with Legends: Hotel Chelsea Blog: The Guy Who Paints In The Lobby
5. Gothamist: Finding Things To Blog About
6. Guide for the Careering: October 2005

Click the above photo to view my 31 August 2007 David Combs photoset.

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