Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sparkle Hayter's "Bring Back The Bards" Hotel Chelsea Protest Campaign

Long time Chelsea Hotel resident and mystery writer Sparkle Hayter has started a protest campaign to Bring Back The Bards.

Inspired by the banner on the building and by Cinci Natalie's brilliant Bard button, Sparkle Hayter in collaboration with Ed Hamilton of Living With Legends: Hotel Chelsea Blog invite folks from around the world to contribute images to the flickr photo group "Bring Back The Bards".

For nearly 50 years, Stanley Bard and his family owned and operated the Chelsea Hotel until 24 July 2007.

Taken during my September 2007 visit to NYC, click the above photo to view my ongoing Hotel Chelsea photoset.

Designed by Casebeer of the Myers family I would love to purchase several Bring Back The Bards tee-shirts. Though musician Joe Myers has added the Troubled Notes from the Hotel Chelsea to his webiste I have not yet been able to find how to purchase the "Bring Back The Bards" tee-shirt designed by his wife, Casebeer.

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