Sunday, January 20, 2008

David Comb's Most Famous Painting is Now 3-D!

When passing the Chelsea Hotel during my Labor Day Week 2007 visit to NYC I had the pleasure of capturing the artist David Combs as part of my ongoing Street Artists series.

In an email, he now informs me that his most famous painting, "Red Chelsea" is now available as a 22 x 30" 3-D lenticular!

The first collaboration between Combs and Depthography (R. Anthony Munn & Sara Cook) and after decades of research, development and seven hundred man hours ... because of the nature of 3-D ... the product must be seen in person to appreciate it.

Combs' 22 x 30" 3-D "Red Chelsea" may be viewed at Dan's Guitars in the Chelsea Hotel on 23rd near 7th Avenue in NYC. Or email David Combs at to set up an appointment.

Number 5/50 is not only a fantastic piece of work but a great investment. Be one of the first to get your hands on one of the most exciting pieces of artwork to come out of the Chelsea Hotel ever!

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