Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dorothy, Toto & the Mayor of Munchkinland Makes Special Appearance at Last Nights Screening of The Wizard of Oz at Stead Park

Though when I left the apartment it had been my intention to attend last night's Summer Movie Mania screening of the Wizard of Oz! at Stead Park as I strolled down 17th Street from Q Street and reflected on my experiences, over the years, when I have attended such things or, for that matter, stopped in at the gay bars ... I decided to head home.

However, on my way down 17th Street, I did have the pleasure of running into Dorothy, Toto and the Mayor of Munchkinland who, having just exited from JR's was en route to Stead Park. Here is the video clip.

Perhaps, I'll attend the last event of this season on 28 August 2008 when Goonies will be screened.

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