Thursday, July 31, 2008

Steve waters the Steve & Phil's Flower & Weed Garden at Dupont Circle East - 31 July 2008

Though I had noticed it many times before, it was during a February 2006 Historic Dupont Circle Main Street photo walk that I learned that the little garden just west of the Sulgrave Club situated in the Dupont Circle East traffic triangle intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and P Street in NW Washington DC was referred to as Steve and Phil's Garden. Realizing that it was also the work and effort of Steve and Phil ... in connection with my ongoing Community Gardens series ... when passing through the area since then I have often made a point to photograph it.

As was the case on Thursday evening, 31 July 2008, that I'd video-taped Steve watering the flower and weed garden.

Though I have 'noticed' Steve many times at Dupont Circle, over the years, I did not know until Thursday evening, 31 July 2008, that he was the Steve of Steve and Phill who attended to the garden.

Now that I know that ... I'll pay even more attention to what I refer to as Steve & Phil's Flower & Weed Garden at DupontCircle East.

Click the above to view my 31 July 2008 video of Steve watering the garden.

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