Saturday, July 29, 2006

DC PediCab ... wheel get ya there!

Taking a cue from similar human-powered transportation that has been thriving overseas for well over a century, DC Pedicab is the premier pedal-powered taxi service in Washington DC.

Committed to changing the way people think about transportation in our nation’s capital DC Pedicabs are not only environmentally-friendly, but are also much faster and relaxing than walking, definitely more exciting than taking a traditional taxi cab, bus, or Metrorail service, and are capable of maneuvering through heavily congested city traffic with ease. The state-of-the-art fleet of bike taxis set the standard for entertainment-based transportation in the Washington DC.

Images that I may take, in the future, of DC PediCab will be tagged as DC-Pedicab and included in the DC PediCab photoset.

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