Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Dan McGeorge, at work, in SE WDC

Dan McGeorge, a fine art photographer, lives in California but would recently travel to WDC to assist his son, a Marine, in the renovation of an old rowhouse that his son purchased, less than two months ago, in the Capper Carrollsburg area of SE WDC.

Located in the 1000 block of 3rd Street between K and L Streets, in SE, it is amongst one of two sections of old rowhouses in the Capper Carrollsburg Community that will not be demolished. An alley seperates this section of old row houses from the section of Capper Carrollsburg once known as The Projects and that, recently, were demolished to make way for the construction of 280+ new 3 and 4 story row houses. This particular section of new row houses, yet to be constructed, will face 4th Street while its rear will run parallel with the rear of the seciotn of old row houses whose front facades face 3rd Street.

The second section of old row houses that will remain intact is located one block east on 5th between K and I Streets, directly across the street from the new Capper Carrollsburg Senior #1. When I inquired if he knew the circumstances as to why these two particular sections of old row houses were not being demolished Mr. McGeorge said, according to rumor, the land is the property of a private owner who refuses to sell. Whereas, the lots that had been demolished were The Projects owned by the city. Which brought to mind the old red building, known as the Star Market, at the corner of 2nd and L Street which still stands even after the March 2006 completion of the newly constructed Navy Yard Marriot Courtyard. Shortly afterwards, the private owner who previously had refused to sell, offered the Star Market for sale on Craig's List.

This series of images of Dan McGeorge will be included in my ongoing Men at Work - Capper Carrollsburg Project and may be included in a future Men At Work photographic exhibition.

While in town, I hope that Mr. McGeorge has the opportunity to visit the Corcoran Gallery of Art to view the redefined: Modern and Contemporay Art from the Collection and Robert Weingarten palette series exhibitions.

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