Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sonny Bono Memorial Park . NH, 20th & O . NW WDC

A few weeks ago during an evening photo walk through the Dupont Circle area I'd happen upon a man that I have photographed many times before who on that particular evening was watering the flowers in a small park located just south of O Street between New Hampshire Avenue and 20th Street. While taking a few pictures of him he'd say "Did you know that this is the Sonny Bono Memorial Park?". A bit taken back I'd ask "do you mean Sonny from Sonny and Cher?" He said.

On that particular evening, it was so hot and the was shining so bright that I could not get a good shot. Thanking the man at work, I'd say that the sun is too bright, sop I'll return in a few days to get better shots. On Friday evening, 21 July, and in connection with my ongoing project, Historic Dupont Circle Main Streets, I'd return to New Hampshire Avenue and 20th Street, specifically, to get better shots of the Sonny Bono Memorial Park.

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