Sunday, April 19, 2009

Busboys & Poets at 5th & K in the CityVista Complex

Since Kenny, a friend, mentioned to me just before Thanksgiving last fall when I ran into him at the Safeway at Waterfront Mall that he worked at the newly opened Safeway at the CityVista Complex I have been meaning to revisit the 5th and K Street area of NW WDC.

My interest in the CityVista Complex was sparked again when a few weeks later that CW Kelly III of the DC Cowboys invited me to a grand opening event at the 5th Street Ace Hardware. Which, actually had opened a few months before in June 2008.

It was during my Easter Sunday Photo Walk last week through the Mount Vernon Triangle area that I realized, for the first time, that Andy Shallal had opened a Busboys and Poets at the CityVista Complex.

After delivering some photos and music cds to Bill at the DC Eagle on Friday night since I had not yet eaten dinner I decided to stop in at the Busboys and Poets at the CityVista Complex.

I've known Andy Shallal since the early 90s when a friend, Joe H, and I would frequent Cafe Luna at 1633 P Street in NW WDC. Which is where I held my first exhibit in the the summer of 1994.

Since then, not only have I frequented the various restaurants that Andy has been involved with including the Luna Grille and Diner on Connecticut Avenue and then Shirlington VA but have also documented and participated in many of the anti-war and political events that Shallal has been supported.

And, from the moment that I stepped onto the sidewalk in front of Busboys and Poets at the corner of 5th and K in NW, it was if I had 'come home'.

It was the same feeling that I got when I first visited Cafe Luna with Joe in the early 90's. And it has been the same feeling that I have gotten each and every time that I have ever frequented any of Andy's establishments. Or, when I happen upon him at protests, rallies and vigils.

From the moment that I walked into the door, the staff was more than accommodating. Busy and attentive but not intrusive. I ordered an ginger ale with lime and then an entree of Homemade Meatloaf with mashed potatoes and sautéed mushrooms in a red wine sauce. Garnished with spinich.

Though I was concerned that I may would have a problem with swallowing which is a condition that I have had for more than a year ... I manage to gulp the entree down with little difficulty.

As a big fan of meatloaf and mashed potatoes, Busboys and Poets version, at $11.95, is an entree that I highly recommend.

The tab came to $15.29. Having provided me excellent service, I thanked the waitress and handed her a $20 bill.

While I had wanted to get some photos of the current exhibit on display throughout the space I'll wait until my next visit to report on that. Which, hopefully, will be very soon.

After the First Busboys and Poets opened its doors on September 7, 2005 at 14th and V Streets in NW WDC, the second location opened in Shirlington VA in August 2007.

While the third location at the CityVista Complex opened last September, the 4th location at Arts District Hyattsville is slated for fall 2009.

Click the image above to view my Boysboys and Poets - CityVista Complex album.

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