Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Werner Jampen's "Strange Fruit" 15 August 2008 Video Interview

After my 2 July video interview with artist Werner Jampen I would return on Friday afternoon, 15 August 2008 for a second interview.

While we discussed several of his past, current and ongoing projects including the "What's Inside The Pants" series, a renewed interest in abstraction and his book editing which I refer to as book de-struction as well as the process by which he engages in his projects ... this particular posting brings attention to my compilation of excerpts from the 15 August 2008 session pertainining to "Strange Fruit".

Which, inspired by books that he read on the Afro-American / Negro slave experience Werner's "Strange Fruit" series is a tribute to Nina Simone and her version of that song by that same name.

Click the above image to view my Strange Fruit - Werner Jampen - 15 August 2008 video compilation. Other videos from the 15 August 2008 session will be posted later.

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