Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Artist Rafael Gallardo "Dancing In The Woods" on Q Street on Saturday evening, 23 August 2008

When en route to Werner Jampen's Georgetown artist studio on Saturday evening, 23 August 2008 to drop off some material from my 15 August 2008 session that I happened upon an artist painting in his front yard ... and inquired if I may capture him in connection with my ongoing Q Street and Dupont Circle West series ... the artist, Rafael Gallardo said yes.

When I inquired as to the name of the piece, Rafael Gallardo who has studios in WDC and Barcelona, replied "Dancing In The Woods".

Here is my Rafael Gallardo's - Dancing In The Woods - Q Street Studio, NW, WDC - 23 August 2008 video.

Click image to my Rafael Gallardo photoset.

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