Sunday, August 17, 2008

Aioli Gourmet on P Street at Dupont Circle West

After my second video interview with artist Werner Jampen on Q Street in Georgetown which took place Friday evening, 15 August 2008 ... hungry ... but not in the mood for cooking once I would arrive home, yet, cautious about eating out in restaurants since, in recent months, I often experience difficulty when swalling food I took a stroll down P Street at Dupont Circle West and stopped in at Aioli Meditalian Gourmet to check out its take-out menu.

Though in the process of my Dupont Circle West - P Street photo walks I have observed Aioli Gourmet many times since its October 2007 opening ... this was my first visit.

Having worked in the catering industry for many years I remembered the occasion that Bill Homan of Design Cuisine explained to me what aioli was. But, on Friday night I could not remember what it was. These kind of details always interest me.

Not one for pizza, I mentioned to the very friendly server that I was interested in an entree take item to take home. He mentioned that with the exception of one of the items which I now do not recall which one it was ... all pasta entrees which normally cost $12 were at a $9 special ... for that evening.

After some contemplation I ordered the Chicken Piccata, in lemon and butter caper sauce. While the sous chef was preparing my take-out I took a look around. And was impressed with the openness and brightness of the space.

After a little more than five but less than ten minute wait, when presenting me my order, he placed a coupon in the bag that will afford me $1.oo off my next meal at Aioli. When I inquired of a take-out menu he informed me that they deliver within a six block radius.

Expressing that I live in SW DC I joked "I guess you want be delivering to me!".

Joking back he replied "I guess not".

Once home, after first placing a bed of Organics Brand Fresh Herb Salad mix in a large salad bowl which I squeezed a quarter of lemon over, then adding a little more than half the pasta and then a little more than half of the chicken medallions, I topped the dish off with some of the capers that had been included with the meal as a garnish.

Added some olive oil and within minutes ... sat down to a tasty, healthy and organic meal.

There was enough left for a repeat of the same for brunch on Saturday afternoon before I stepped out for my Saturday Photo Walk.

After my Chicken Piccata entree, I definately will be returning to Aioli Meditalian Gourmet to try out other items on its menu which includes salads, paninis, fresh pita wraps, pasta and ravioli and brick oven pizzas. As well as Meditalian gourmet desserts.

Beverages include turkish coffee, expresso shots, cappuccino, latte, nescafe, natural chai tea, natural iced tea, organic hot tea and hot cocoa.

Salads, pastas, sauces and fresh deli cuts may also be purchased by the pound.

According to its carry-out menu, Aioli uses fresh, organic and natural ingredients from local farms and suppliers whenever possible. And, in all their cooking, only filtered water is used to ensure freshness and taste.

The prices are very reasonable And I give the service top marks as well.

Located at 2153 P Street in NW Washington DC, Aioli Gourmet is open from 11 am until 8pm on Monday through Saturday. And from 11 am until 6 pm on Sunday. Telephone at 202-558-6188.

Deliver within a six block radius.

Click the above image to view my ongoing Aioli Meditalian Gourmet photoset.

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