Thursday, August 21, 2008

"The Hand", commissioned for the 1968 Resurrection City on display at the Historical Society of Washington DC's Grounds

Most who know me are aware that hands are one of my most prolific themes and, therefore, would not be surprised of my interest in the hand sculpture that I happened upon, for the first time, on the Historical Society of Washington DC grounds during my Saturday afternoon, 16 August 2008 photo / video walk.

Situated on the south side of an historic landmark, the Carnegie Library, on Massachusetts Avenue between 7th and 9th Streets in NW Washington DC ... since when taking several photos of the sculpture I did not observe a plaque nor inscription pertaining to its sculptor I went inside of the District of Columbia's Central Library to inquire of the staff any information pertaining to the hand sculpture.

Unfortunately, the security guard and receptionist with whom I spoke were not able to assist me with such details and, therefore, suggested that I contact the administrative office on Monday or during the week.

Having searched the internet for "hand sculpture Historical Society of Washington DC" over the weekend with no positive results - I made a telephone call to the Historical Society of Washington DC yesterday morning, 19 August 2008.

After explaining the nature of my call to the telephone receptionist she referred me to a more informed staff person who sounding almost as fascinated with the hand sculpture as I ... shared with me that the sculpture, known as The Hand", had been commissioned by Southern Christian Leaders Conference (SCLC) leader Vincent deForest for the Poor Peoples Campaign's Resurrection City 1968 encampment on the National Mall.

And, in fact, during a conversation with Mr. deForest regarding the history of the piece he had informed her, just last week, that he could not recall the name of the sculptor.

It was after that telephone conversation that I then searched the internet for "the hand - Vincent deForest - 1968 Resurrection City" and located the most informative article entitled "Forgotten sculpture memorializes African-American struggle" by Diana Kohn of the Takoma Voice.

When I send this posting to the staff at the Historical Society of Washington DC I will inquire as to when "The Hand" was installed on the grounds of the Carnegie Library and how long it will be on display.

Click the above image to view my ongoing The Hand (1968 Resurrection City), Commissioned by Vincent deForest, - Historical Society of WDC / Carnegie Library photoset which will be added to my Public Art in Public Spaces 2008 collection.

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hti-board said...

This is Diana Kohn - I'd like to update our local Takoma Park readers about the new location of "The Hand." Were you able to get any more details from the Historical Society of Washington?
Esp why and when it was moved?