Monday, April 16, 2007

Geoff Ault exhibits at Artomatic 2007

I began my documentation of Artomatic 2007 on Saturday afternoon, 14 April when after the Step It Up "Global Warming" Rally at Gateway Park in Rosslyn that I decided when visiting Artomatic at 2121 Crystal Drive in Crystal City that I would launch my Crystal City BID project with an exploration of the Crystal City Shopping Mall which will be included in my ongoing Saturdays at Shopping Malls Project.

Though it was my hope to visit Daniel Lobo's "Back To Work" installation at Artomatic (which I have learned is on the 8th floor) due to some racial matters that occured on the 6th floor and the fact that my camera malfunctioned, again, I never made it to the 8th floor. Nor to Daniel's installation. And, in fact, "madder than hell" departed much sooner than I had hoped.

However, just as I was about to exit from Artomatic's 6th floor, to return home, I ran into and old friend Geoff Ault. Who, at the time, was manning the front entrance.

I've known Geoff Ault and his partner Paul Baytop since my days with Herb Lehner which date back to the fall of 1978. And, perhaps, even before when I'd see them 'out and about'.

I actually included images of Geoff and Paul and Geoff and Cliff in my Some Hands Saint-At-Large Black Party 2006 exhibition and subsequent "I Love New York" photo monage video.

While I knew that Paul was an artist I did not know that Geoff was, as well. Since he could not leave from 'manning the front entrance' Geoff directed me to visit his exhibition in 6D11.

As I entered 6D11, two floral images, caught my attention and drew me into the room. After taking a few shots, from the hallway, I entered 6D11 which is where The Work of Geoff Ault is displayed on the left wall. Captivated, his images brought to mind Robert Mapplethorpe.

A digital artist whose surreal dream-quality images touches on the abstract and sensual side of the human experience, originally from the Chicago area, Geoff moved to Washington, D.C. in 1957.

In high school, he studied under Leon Berkowitz, a well known Washington Color Field School artist and teacher. While working and attending school at George Washington University, Mr. Ault attended classes at the Corcoran School of Art where he studied photography with Mark Powers, He also studied printmaking at GWU under Fuller Griffith.

With a background in computer programming and information systems, Mr. Ault developed an interest in computer graphics and web development. He attended classes for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML and computer animation at GW's Center for Professional Development to further enhance his abilities as a self-taught Photoshop user. Mr. Ault resides on Capitol Hill with his partner of 30 years, two dogs and a few cats. He is leaning toward retiring to New Mexico within the next few years where he hopes to take advantage of the beauty of the western landscape in his artwork.

When visiting Artomatic 2007, may I suggest that you stop in art 6D11 a take a peep at The Work of Geoff Ault. If, by chance, you should miss Geoff Ault at Artomatic 2007, he will be on display, in May 2007, at Hoopla Traders on Barracks Row in SE WDC.

Captured during my Saturday, 14 April 2007 visit, Geoff Ault represents the first featured artist of my Artomatic 2007 collection.

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Daniel said...

Thanks for this post. Nice narrative and insight, although I am equally intrigued by the things left unsaid.
Now, I had no idea of the Mapplethorpe connection. But that belongs to another post.
Best regards,